Coco Jones Nails Impressive Whistle Tone With Her Mariah Carey Impression

The GRAMMY nominee used her powerhouse vocals for an impressive impersonation of Mariah Carey.

Coco Jones is a woman of many talents, and her knack for spot-on celebrity impressions is always fun to watch! The Bel-Air star appeared on Thursday's episode of Sherri, where she showed how her powerhouse vocals can lend to some impressive impersonations.

"What I love about you is that you're so multifaceted -- you do so many things," host Sherri Shepherd began the segment. "I did not know you do impressions of celebrities and you have millions of views online because of your impressions." 

The host convinced Jones, 26, to play what she calls "Celebrity Spin," a game in which two wheels spin on a screen and land on a pop star and a random scenario that the guests have to perform. 

Fans of Jones are already hip to the singer's talent with impersonations; she often breaks out into them on TikTok, and has gone viral for her impressions while appearing on the online show she hosts with YouTube personality Terrell Grice, T and Coco

So it's no surprise that Jones' impressions of Britney Spears and Rihanna had Shepherd and the audience laughing. She even gave a little run as the latter on a rollercoaster, singing, "Hell nah / Hell nah / Stop the ride / Stop the ride," in the "Work" singer's Barbadian accent.

But it was her impersonation of Mariah Carey that really got the crowd in an uproar. Jones even nailed the pop diva's whistle tone and left the host stunned. 

"Let me channel her," the "ICU" singer said after the wheels landed on Carey and "on the phone with DJ Suss One," the show's resident DJ. 

"Hey Mr. DJ are you going to play my favorite song," the singer-songwriter crooned before breaking out into a high-pitched vocal run and imitating Carey's infamous hand movements.

Although Jones started to laugh at herself, DJ Suss One, Shepherd and the crowd broke out into applause at her stellar imitation.

The singer has been on a rollercoaster herself! Since she released her EP, What I Didn’t Tell You, in 2022, the singer has earned the Best New Artist title at the 2023 BET Awards and earned five GRAMMY Award nominations, including Best R&B Performance, Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best R&B Song and Best R&B Album.

Talking with ET from the red carpet of the 2023 Soul Train Awards, Jones said she could not be more thankful and blessed for her nominations. "I have worked a really long time and I think when it rains, it pours," she said. "When God says it's your time, he means it." 

Jones was also honored in the elite and elusive Best New Artist category. She is nominated alongside newcomers like Ice Spice, Noah Kahan, Victoria Monet and Jelly Roll. "I'm just so grateful," Jones continued, adding that she has already started to think about what she will wear to the GRAMMYS, which airs on Feb. 4.

"Truthfully, I'm just on cloud nine still," she said. "I'm trying to like catch my breath and remind myself that I'm not only going to be there -- which is going to be amazing -- but I'm nominated there." 

"I pray I leave there with something because that is the ultimate, ultimate accolade," Jones told ET.