Demi Lovato Shows Off Completely Shaved Head for the Holidays

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Demi Lovato is ringing in 2022 with a fierce new 'do! The 29-year-old performer took to Instagram over the weekend to show off their newly shaved buzz cut in a series of photos and videos. 

In one post, Lovato posed in front of a mountain backdrop for their photographer pal, Angelo Kritikos, writing, "Shot on FaceTime by @angelokritikos 🖤 #freshstart."

The fully buzzed look isn't the first time Lovato has debuted a bold hair transformation this year. When the "Dancing With the Devil" singer first cut off their lengthy locks earlier this year, they opened up about the decision on The Ellen DeGeneres Showback in February. 

"I feel so free. I feel more authentic to who I am," they said at the time. "I also feel like I used to hide behind my hair... I used to use my hair to hide behind. It would cover my body. So when I started doing all this work on myself, I thought, 'What is something that I've been holding onto my whole life that I need to let go of?' And it was that. I feel more myself now."


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