Derek Peth Slams John Paul Jones' 'Attempt to Save Face' After the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Apologizes

John Paul Jones and Derek Peth
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Derek Peth isn't ready to forgive John Paul Jones just yet.

During this season of Bachelor in Paradise, the men butted heads over their mutual interest in contestant Tayshia Adams, something that escalated when Jones blew up at Peth while attending Bachelor franchise alums Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone's wedding

On Monday, Jones took to Instagram to apologize for his behavior at the wedding.

"After watching this past Tuesday’s of BIP and having had time to step away from it all and introspect on my actions, I do deeply regret that my behavior was disruptive and upsetting to the celebration of Chris and Krystal’s wedding reception," Jones wrote alongside a pic of himself sitting contemplatively on a dock. "Despite the fatigue and anxiety I felt at the time, I should have used good judgment in my decisions and acted in a more mature and selfless way."

"I extend my sincere apologies to Chris and Krystal and to their families and friends for my actions," he continued, before signing the message, "With regret and sincere apologies, JPJ"

Peth didn't seem to accept Jones' apology, though, commenting on the post, " Don’t insult our could reach out on your own instead of on Instagram. This is just an attempt to save face."

Peth's comment was in reference to Jones telling him, "Don't insult my intelligence, Derek!" during their on-screen argument. 

While Peth wasn't receptive to Jones' apology, other BiP stars commented in support of him.

"Thatta boy," Sydney Lotuaco commented.

"I wish you would yell at me like that," Dean Unglert wrote. "With the lights off."

"You've got a good heart me friend!" Katie Morton posted, while her Paradise beau, Chris Bukowski, wrote, "You're a gentleman JPJ."

When ET's Lauren Zima caught up with Nielson and Randone after Jones and Peth's argument at their wedding reception -- but before it aired on TV -- the newlyweds were firmly on Team Derek, whose "class and composure" they praised.

"[Derek] was attacked verbally, and it's unfortunate to say this, but JPJ was very out of line and aggressive," Randone said. "He attacks Derek in a way where he seems very narcissistic and [has] a lot of anger, which scares and [makes people question], 'Who is JPJ?' as far as the emotional stability." 

"There's a time and place for those types of things, and the context of the conversation was completely out of line and inappropriate during a wedding," he added. "And that's why it's unfortunate that he releases these type of emotions and really lacking that self-awareness at a time where it's not about you. It's not about Derek. It's about her and I." 

Nielson, meanwhile, described JPJ's behavior as "aggressive."

"It felt unwarranted and it felt like an ambush," she said. "I just would like an apology to my wife," Randone added.

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