Diplo Hacks Jonas Brothers' Instagram for a Special Reason

Mike Marsland/WireImage

The musicians have something up their sleeves!

Jonas Brothers and Diplo are getting ready to delight fans!

A source confirmed to ET that Diplo and Jonas Brothers are teaming up for The Diplo presents Thomas Wesley country collaboration, which will debut at 9 p.m. PT on Thursday.

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas teased the collaboration on their group Instagram, sharing a video of Diplo and themselves each looking at their phones and implying in the caption that the upcoming track is set to be called "Lonely." 

The exciting news comes after Diplo confused fans when he seemingly hacked Jonas Brothers' Instagram account and shared pics and videos. In the posts on the group's Instagram Story, Diplo claimed that Joe was the one to hand over the password, something the 30-year-old singer seemed to refute on his own Story, writing, "Chill fam."


In other Story posts, Diplo joked that he was holding Kevin, Joe and Nick hostage and quipped that Dylan and Cole Sprouse were "the only Disney brothers who matter."


Also on the group's Instagram, Diplo continued poking fun at the guys, sharing underwear and GRAMMY-totting shots of himself as well as multiple videos playfully mocking the band, who eventually responded in the comments.

"Bro you changed the password," Joe wrote on one pic. "Seriously call me @diplo this isn't funny," Nick agreed.

"Wtf @diplo," Kevin added. "It was funny for like one post but we've got a show tonight and need the account back."

The playful teasing comes after Joe and Diplo got into a bit of a public spat after the 40-year-old DJ/music producer recorded Joe's Las Vegas wedding to Sophie Turner. After posting the videos on Instagram, Joe told a British radio show that Diplo "ruined" the nuptials, but later apologized for that comment.

All appears to be well now, though, as Diplo attended the pair's France wedding -- though he did joke that "they took my phone from me and put [me] in a holding cell." He also reportedly DJ'd the couple's reception.

Watch the video below for more on Jonas Brothers.