'Drag Race': Season 11 Cast Dishes on Miley Cyrus' Guest Judge Stint! (Exclusive)

See all of the contestants' incredible responses!

So, just how did Miley Cyrus do as a guest judge on season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Fans now know that the songstress is appearing in the premiere episode, and ET chatted with all the queens competing this season to find out what they thought of the multiplatinum performer's visit to the VH1 show -- and let’s just say they didn’t hold back!

“You know what, it's so different to see her as a guest judge,” new contestant Silky Nutmeg Ganache shared. “Because, you know, as people it's only human to have your own reservations or outlooks of people… I found a new love for her because you have to realize people are human and now that I'm in the media world, I understand things a little bit more.”

“And, I understand that everything you see may not be true,” Silky added. “I have to ask her like, ‘Miley, would you forgive me for judging you?’ …Because I love her. Like, loving her. And, even though she didn't create twerking, that came from black people, honey, I still have a deep love for her and a newfound respect for her artistry.”

Silky wasn’t the only contestant who was totally disarmed by the 26-year-old’s presence on set. Ariel Versace gushed about the positive energy that Cyrus brought with her.

“You know, Miley is a crazy girl,” Ariel said, later adding, “She's going to be so much fun to watch. She always has such high energy. And we're able to feed off of her energy … she gave really good feedback to us. She gave us a pep talk, made us feel really comfortable about the first episode. We're like, 'Oh my god, we're here. It's insanity.' But she kinda was just like, 'Keep breathing, keep it moving.' It was really cool.”

Honey Davenport echoed Ariel's sentiments and shared that the singer was a real source of strength when she was having a difficult time.

“Miley was a breath of fresh air,” Honey stated. “Without giving too much away … I was in a very emotional place, especially in the beginning of the season. Which I know, I grew. But I was in a very, very emotional place. So when Miley came in as a judge. I was like, ‘Girl!’ I was like, ‘Hey girl, how do you, like, deal with all of this? How do you deal with all of this pressure?’ And she was just an amazing source of love and light and kindness for all of us. And it was really an honor to see a face on the runway that I grew up watching and rocking out to. It was magical.”

Besides 14 new competitors, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is returning after getting the boot in season 10. And this time, she is determined to win!

"Season 11 is gonna be different because I ain't going home!" Vanessa declared to ET. "So, stay tuned. You have to drag me off the stage from my wig. Or my natural hair. Whatever you think it is!"

Check out the clip above to see loads more reactions from the season 11 contestants.

RuPaul's Drag Race returns to VH1 on Thursday, at 9 p.m. ET.


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