Drake's 'Degrassi' Co-Star Emotionally Reacts to Being Left Out of Reunion Video

Drake and Nina Dobrev in the music video for 'I'm Upset'
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While Degrassi fans everywhere rejoiced at the epic reunion of the show's biggest stars in Drake's new music video for "I'm Upset," not everyone was invited to the party.

Drake got his memorable start on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation -- where he played student Jimmy Brooks -- and brought together some of his old co-stars for the nostalgia-filled video that dropped on Wednesday. Aside from his close co-star, Shane Kippel, the video also reunited  Nina Dobrev, Jake Epstein, Stacey Farber, A.J. Saudin, and even Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as their beloved film characters Jay and Silent Bob.

Though one star that was noticeably absent was Daniel Clark, who played Sean Cameron on the show from 2001-2008. In an Instagram Live video on Thursday, Clark said he was just as surprised at the video as everyone else, and wasn't invited.

"I had no idea this happened," Clark said. "I know there's been a lot of buzz about what happened, and why I wasn't in the video, I honestly ... I wish I had an answer for you guys. I don't know.  As far as I can tell, I've never really had a problem with anyone, that's what I kind of wanted this video to be about, is the way this video made me feel."

Clark said the video gave him serious nostalgia and was happy to see his former co-stars looking "great."

"A lot of people say this, but we really are like family," he continued. "When I watched the video, it made me miss my family a lot. I think that's probably the worst part about this all, is that I didn't get to say hi to everyone."

Despite the snub, Clark praised Drake, whom he referred to by his real name, Aubrey.

"He's been the same guy pretty much the entire time that I've known him, and I just want to say how grateful I am that he was able to put this together for the fans, and really for our family," he said. "Because I know everyone had a good time being together. Aubrey and I go way back."

Clark also Instagrammed a picture of himself in the bathroom on Thursday, and admitted to being upset.

"Woke up this morning feeling sad, then I was reminded how great people really are, and that made me happy," he wrote. "❤️ you guys."

Meanwhile, Degrassi fans were also left wondering why actor Ryan Cooley wasn't in the video, who played J.T. Yorke on the show. Drake actually replied back to a fan who asked about Cooley on Instagram.

"I'm upset ... because you didn't bring back J.T.," the comment on Drake's post on the video read, to which Drake replied, "He thought it was a scam." That story was echoed by Kippel, Miriam McDonald and Stefan Brogren during an interview on ET Canada. 


Meanwhile, Dobrev shared behind-the-scenes photos of the group on Instagram on Thursday and joked about her character, Mia Jones.

"Remember when Mia had a kid?  Mama got a baby sitter tonight," Dobrev wrote.


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