Eddie Redmayne Reveals His Secret Obsession With ‘The Hills’ and Heidi Montag

Eddie Redmayne and The Hills

The Oscar winner opens up about his excitement for the return of the reality series.

When The Hills: New Beginnings returns this year, there will be at least one famous fan watching! 

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne opens up about his love for the MTV reality series during an interview with Rami Malek for W magazine. 

"Particularly when I’m working, I find I can’t watch proper television. I have to watch just mindless reality TV,” he admits. "I’m quite excited because The Hills, which was my original reality TV guilty pleasure, is coming back.”

When Malek, who has never seen the show, asks what The Hills is about, Redmayne has the perfect, very British, response.

"The Hills is about various genetically beautiful, probably now aided potentially by cosmetic -- I don’t know -- just wandering around L.A., just chatting with each other,” he explains. "It starts with that Natasha Bedingfield song, which I didn’t buy the single of, but I might as well have."

The song, of course, is Bedingfied’s “Unwritten,” which was the theme track for the series. As for whether he was Team Lauren Conrad or Team Heidi Montag, it seems Redmayne has a clear favorite. 

"I was quite into Heidi Montag, who I had a sort of love/hate relationship with,” he confesses. 

When he’s informed that Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, now have a child of their own, Redmayne, who is the father of two children himself, seems concerned by this news. 

"Is the child on the reality TV show? Because I’m not sure about that bit,” the Fantastic Beasts star says. 

Montag and Pratt brought their son, Gunner, to the MTV Video Music Awards this summer when the announcement was made that the show was returning. They have not clarified whether their 1-year-old child will be a part of the show. 

For more from The Hills reboot, watch the clip below: