ELVY Lab Founder and CEO Lekha Vyas Explains Why Skincare for Men Shouldn't Be Confusing

Lekha Vyas
Courtesy of ELVY Lab

ELVY Lab Founder and CEO Lekha Vyas believes everyone should have a self-care routine.

Be comfortable in your skin! Beauty expert Lekha Vyas is on a mission to help everyone look and feel their best with the launch of ELVY Lab, a vegan, clean, and science-based skincare brand, created for men. 

"I grew up with many close males in my family and friend circles, and always noticed the skin issues that affected them, whether due to poor diet, workout sweat, or alcohol," Vyas, who has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, tells ET.

"Seeing how much skin issues affected their self-esteem, I decided to develop a brand to address those needs and help men gain confidence through an easy and effective self-care routine," she adds.

Courtesy of ELVY Lab

The straightforward 4-step process is made up of an Exfoliating Cleanser, a Brightening Serum, a Replenishing Moisturizer, and a Toning and Firming Eye cream, all created to target men's main skincare concerns including clogged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, saggy skin, post-shave irritability, dark circles, crows feet, and more. 

"Men’s skincare shouldn’t be confusing. It should get the job done without the headache. ... Our easy-to-use system has everything a guy needs to look good with high-impact steps," the entrepreneur shares. 

And Vyas believes everyone deserves to make self-care a priority.

Courtesy of ELVY Lab

"When you feel good in your skin, your self-esteem and confidence are likely to increase. ... Regardless of gender, everyone deserves to look and feel good," the beauty guru explains.

"As women, we can do our skincare routine and makeup, and instantly exude confidence, whereas men only have a handful of ways to practice self-care. ... It's extremely important for me to create a space where men can feel good about themselves in a simple and effective way," Vyas notes.