'Emily in Paris' Looks Like the Perfect Getaway for 'Sex and the City' Fans

Emily in Paris

The new Netflix series from 'SATC' creator Darren Star is headed up by actress Lily Collins.

It may not have worked out for Carrie Bradshaw in Paris, but now another one of Darren Star's characters is heading to the City of Light!

Emily in Paris is the new Netflix series helmed by the Sex and the City and Younger creator. In the first official trailer for the series, Lily Collins stars as Emily Cooper, an American working in Paris for a large marketing firm to provide the "American point of view."

That "point of view" comes with some truly fabulous fashion, of course, as Emily walks the cobblestone streets and declares, "Oh my god, I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!" 

The modern day-Sex and the City vibe is only intensified as Emily's love life heats up abroad. 

"This city is filled with love and beauty and passion," she says. 

The show, which was shot in Paris, offers a much-needed getaway for viewers stuck in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Collins posted about the new show on Instagram, writing, "I hope you guys fall in love with this story, the character and the city just like I did. Can’t. F*cking. Wait. Pardon my French..."

Emily in Paris premieres Oct. 2 on Netflix.