Eva Longoria Reveals Heartwarming Plans For Baby Santiago's First Halloween (Exclusive)

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Eva Longoria is loving every minute of motherhood.

The actress, producer and first-time mom recently spoke with ET's Keltie Knight while visiting the Girls Athletic Leadership School in Los Angeles, and she opened up about all the things she loves the most about her 4-month-old son, Santiago.

"For the first two months he was like a beautiful blob and now he's, you know, grabbing and reacting and touching my face," Longoria, 43, said with a smile. "Every stage is my favorite."

However, the Dog Days star said it's her baby boy's adorable laugh that really melts her heart. "[And] he's laughing a lot now," she shared.

Longoria and her husband, Jose "Pepe" Baston, welcomed their precious bundle of joy on June 19, and since then the experience has been "way more" wonderful than she could have imagined.

"[When I was pregnant], all my friends were like, 'Just wait, just wait.' I'm like, 'I know, it's going to be great. I mean, I get it, [it'll be] life changing great.' But every cliché that people told me, it's like that times 10."

So, with Santiago's first Halloween right around the corner, Longoria said she's already got a ton of costumes planned out for her little boy.

"I got like 10 outfits for him, so he'll be having some changes," Longoria shared. 'Everybody goes, 'Where are you going?' and I go, 'Nowhere. We're not even leaving the house!' I just am dying to dress him up!"

While Longoria is focusing nearly all of her attention on raising her adorable son, the dedicated activist is also making sure Santiago learns the importance of giving back to the community and staying charitable, especially through her work with the Eva Longoria Foundation -- which recently partnered with the DIY Girls at the Girls Athletic Leadership School.

"The Eva Longoria foundation helps young Latinas reach their full potential in life and we do it through a number of programs both educational and entrepreneurial," explained the actress. "So today, we are here visiting one of the grantees of the foundation, DIY Girls."

According to Longoria, the program "helps young middle school girls [learn] electronics and robotics and introduces them and exposes them to STEM subjects."

"It also teaches leadership, and mentorship and everything that is really going to help them build life skills and get them prepared for the world," she added. "And what we're trying to do is just provide this infrastructure of opportunity for all of these young girls… I am so proud to see these programs working and actually changing their lives."

Thus far, the Eva Longoria Foundation has raised more than $3 million for education programs and initiatives for Latina students and Longoria says she hopes her efforts will also guide her son toward being a socially conscious and generous person.

"I think it's important that he is raised witnessing this work and witnessing feminism and witnessing social justice," she shared. "I think there is no better way to teach him about it than to show him."

For more about Longoria's heartwarming relationship with her sweet son, check out the video below.


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