EXCLUSIVE: Kate Upton Reveals the ‘Sucky Part’ of Wedding Planning: ‘It’s Super Stressful!’

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Kate Upton has effortlessly posed in a skimpy bikini atop a polar ice cap in Antarctica, but planning her wedding to baseball pro Justin Verlander? The blonde bombshell says it's been​ “super stressful."

The 25-year-old model​ recently sat down with ET, where she admitted​ that​ ​while wedding planning has been exciting, it is no easy feat. 

“The whole thing is really stressful… U​ltimately,​ you think whenever you're getting married that your wedding is just going to be this magical moment and people just show up. Later you realize, 'Oh, I have to pick out everything and I'm planning this,' and that's the sucky part,” Upton said.

When it comes to wedding essentials, Upton says everything is still a work in progress. She hasn’t “seen any final options” when it comes to picking out her “multiple” dresses for the event.

​Her ​No. 1 must-have? “Alcohol!”​ Upton said​ with a​ laugh. “I mean Justin, I mean Justin!” 

​One thing​'​s for sure​:​ “We’re both going to be in tears!”​ Upton exclaimed.​

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These days, Upton is busy with her film career. She’s currently co-starring alongside Alexandra Daddario in the William H. Macy-directed​ romantic comedy, ​The Layover​ --​ a movie packed with hilarious yet racy scenes.

​Upton explained why she’s comfortable with her family (and fiance!) watching her work on the ​big screen.

“I think this movie is all about a laugh," she said. ​"​I think that if anyone doesn't see the humor inside of it, especially, I know my family would, so I would be fine with any of them watching because I think they would just have a giggle.”

​Daddario, 31, ha​d​ a similar outlook​, telling ET, “I'm fine with it. At this point, I've been naked on TV and I've done really stupid roles and I've done all kinds of stuff and my family is very supportive and my friends so I'm cool with them seeing whatever I do. I don't get embarrassed easily.”

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In the beginning of the film, Upton and Daddario's characters lose their jobs. Daddario’s alter ego, a school teacher, is fired by the principal and told she’d be better off in a different line of work. Both actresses say they’re no stranger to career disses themselves.

“It was in high​ school and I think the teacher was trying to motivate women to get out there and get a job,” Upton recalled. “She was like, 'Who in here sees themselves working?' and I raised my hand and she was like, 'What? You'll probably just marry a doctor.' I didn't say anything,​ but the next year I was working, probably doing better than her, so I’m like, I wonder where she is? Hopefully not teaching!”

As for ​Daddario, her biggest criticism came after she was already a working actress. 

“I think it's astounding what people will say to young women,” she lamented. “I went into this business at a young age, [I heard] things about my appearance like, 'Oh, you should lose two inches from your hips.' I remember I was working on this commercial once and the director​ -- ​​without even looking at me​ -- was like, 'She looks like a linebacker, put her in something else!’”

“I'm really proud of women and where we're going and how we're changing the status quo and saying, 'OK​, this stuff isn't acceptable to say to young women anymore,’” Daddario said proudly.

The Layover is available on DirecTV and in theaters now.