'Fresh Off the Boat' Sneak Peek: Jessica Huang Isn't Impressed With Louis Turning the Big 4-0 (Exclusive)

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Jessica Huang is feeling the birthday pressure!

On Friday's episode of Fresh Off the Boat, titled "Legends of the Fortieth," Jessica's husband, Louis (Randall Park), is getting ready to celebrate his milestone 40th birthday and has become obsessed with the idea that the family must go camping to commemorate the big day. ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from the newest installment, where Jessica (Constance Wu) finds out the hard way that the present she was planning on giving to Louis may not be special enough.

In the clip, Jessica and her friend, Honey (Chelsey Crisp), play a competitive game of Battleship, only Jessica doesn't quite understand the rules of the game. When Honey unsuccessfully attempts to hit one of Jessica's ships, she crows that she hasn't "had a hit in over an hour." "Wait, are you moving the ships?" she asks, putting two and two together. 

"They're under attack. Why would they stay still?" Jessica answers nonchalantly, not hiding the fact that she's maybe cheating.

"Jessica, you can't...," Honey begins to tell her pal, before stopping herself. Some things just aren't worth arguing over! "It's fine. I'm happy to be playing at all."

The conversation then turns to their significant others' birthdays and Louis' big 4-0. Jessica tells Honey she got her husband what she always gets him for his birthday, a tie. Honey, though, is less than impressed.

"Don't you want to get him something a little... nicer?" Honey asks. 

"I thought about getting it monogrammed but I don't like his initials," Jessica replies.

God bless Jessica Huang. Watch ET's exclusive clip above.

Fresh Off the Boat airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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