G Flip Says They and Chrishell Stause Got Tattoos of Their Wedding Vows

The comments come amid reporting that the couple did not file paperwork to legalize their marriage.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip are celebrating their wedding ceremony with some permanent ink. 

Amid reporting that the couple may not have signed the necessary paperwork to legalize their marriage, G Flip shares in a new interview that they and Stause did get tattoos of their wedding vows following their secret Las Vegas ceremony. 

"Not going to share them, but we've got them tattooed," the songwriter tells People. "Some, some of them." 

As ET reported on Saturday, there are no marriage records for the couple in the Clark County, Nevada Recorder's Office. The news surfaced well over a week after the couple revealed their surprise wedding ceremony at the end of G Flip's new single, "Be Your Man." As first reported by TMZ, a marriage records search or search for records of any kind for the couple in the Clark County Recorder's Office came up empty.

ET has reached out to reps for Stause and G Flip for comment on the legality of the wedding ceremony. 

Stause's rep confirmed to ET on May 10 that a ceremony took place, following an Instagram post by the Selling Sunset star, which celebrated the release of G Flip's new single. The post included a reel chronicling their year-long relationship -- from meeting and starring in music videos together to traveling the world.

"It was nice to kind of keep things private and to ourselves so that we could really enjoy it," Stause told ET during a recent sit-down chat. "Then, once we felt ready to share, now, it's exciting because we get to kind of live in it all over again. So it's nice."

Stause wouldn't directly confirm when the actual Vegas nuptials took place, instead simply stating it happened "a little bit ago." She added that they are just "still keeping some things [private]." 

Speaking with People, G Flip admitted that writing their vows was the most stressful part of the wedding experience. 

"[I was] freaking out about my vows, trying to get that right. 'Cause I wanted to say how I was feeling, so I had to tap into my songwriter brain and think of the words of how to describe what I'm feeling," explained G Flip. "So yeah, it was all a little, little bit nerve-wracking, but it was like just so beautiful. And it was just so fun, and it was just so us... It was really, really cute."

Responding to fans' interest in the couple's whirlwind romance, the "Be Your Man" singer insisted that the relationship couldn't be more "normal." 

"We're just living life. We're just like two people who spend every day with each other, and we make each other so happy," they said. "It's great finding someone that you just wanna spend every second with."