George Clooney 'Taking It Easy' After Scooter Accident

ET online

The actor was in a scary crash earlier this month.

George Clooney is on the mend.

The 57-year-old actor was spotted on the set of Catch 22 in Sutri, Italy, on Friday. Wearing jeans, a light blue polo and dark sunglasses, Clooney appeared to be walking unassisted effortlessly.

The pic comes just over a week after the former ER star was involved in a scooter crash in Sardinia, Italy, where, a source told ET, he was "treated and released from an Olbia hospital."


A source tells ET that, following the crash, Amal Clooney, the actor's wife, was "scared." 

"George's motorcycle accident scared everyone in his family and especially Amal. She wants to ensure George will be there for the long haul and this collision was frightening for her,” the source says. "No one blames her for worrying. George is not only the love of her life but the father of her children, so she just wants to ensure his safety."

While the 40-year-old lawyer is certainly worried for her husband, the source says that she is hesitant to ask him to give up motorcycles.

"Amal knows George has loved motorcycles his entire life, so the last thing she wants is to take something away from him that he is so passionate about, but after this accident she is finding it hard not ask him to retire from his yearly motorcycle trips with Rande [Gerber],” the source says.

Above all, everyone involved is just thankful that he is OK.

"After seeing the video and hearing the news that his helmet was cracked, everyone is just grateful he is healing well. It truly could have been so much worse,” the source shares. "He has downplayed this and why wouldn't he? George doesn't want Amal to worry. But she has barely left his side.”

The source continues: "He has been taking it easy and focusing on his recovery. He feels lucky because he didn't suffer any permanent injuries and no broken bones, but his body is still stiff and sore.”

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