Glenn Close Steals the Show With Epic 'Da Butt' Moment at the Oscars

File this under Oscar moments we didn't see coming.

File this under Oscar moments we didn't see coming. Glenn Close shook those in attendance at Union Station in Los Angeles and everyone watching at home on Sunday night when she owned a segment with Lil Rel Howery -- and danced "Da Butt" for all to see. 

Ahead of the night's final awards, Howery played a game in which he asked stars to guess whether songs were Oscar-nominated. Andra Day and Daniel Kaluuya both played along, before Howery made his way over to Close. 

The song was School Daze's "Da Butt," and much to everyone's surprise, Close was very familiar with it. 

"Wait just a second! That's "Da Butt." I know that, "Da Butt!" It was a classic song by the great Washington, D.C., go-go band E.U. -- shout-out to Sugar Bear and the whole backyard band," Close shared. "I remember this -- Spike Lee had it written for his brilliant movie, School Daze. Sadly, my friends at the Oscars missed this one and it was not nominated so it couldn't win." 

So, Close clearly knew the history behind the song -- but did she know the dance? Why yes she did. 

ET has since learned that the skit was planned with all involved, but that Close's dance was an impromptu surprise. 

Fans and fellow celebs couldn't get enough of the unexpected moment. 

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