Hailey Baldwin Says Learning Self Care Meant 'Taking Time for My Personal Life'

Hailey Baldwin
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for bareMinerals

The 22-year-old model also touched on how she's working on not comparing herself to others.

Hailey Baldwin knows it’s important to take some time for herself.  

In a new interview with Buzzfeed, the 22-year-old model opened up about her struggles with being compared to others, as well as how she learned that she has limits and “can’t do everything.”

“The way I practice self care is I make time for my personal life, and I make sure that I'm trying to get as much rest as I can,” Baldwin shared. “Taking the time to maybe chill out and go to the spa or veg out and watch a movie — for me that is self care. Just relaxing and being kind to your body, because I'm the type of person where I can go, go, go. I'll run myself down. I've done that for like three or four years now, whereas I'm now learning that I have limits. I can't do everything.”

Baldwin, who married Justin Bieber in November, also touched how she feels after reading negative comments about herself on social media.

“I still see things that bother me. I still read things sometimes, and it's obviously really difficult for me because everything in my life is so magnified right now and there's so much attention on every move that I make, every move that my family makes,” she expressed.

While she may be a big-time model, the newlywed admitted that she still struggles with comparisons.

“I come from a world of modeling where it's really easy to compare myself to my own friends. You're just surrounded by a lot of beauty,” she explained, before giving advice to younger women who feel the same way. “I would say that every girl struggles with comparing themselves, whether it's on social media or [something else]. There's always going to be other women or other girls that you feel insecure around, or that you compare yourself to: What if she's this and I'm not this? or What if I'm this and she's this? That is always happening no matter what, you know?”

“I just think I have had to learn, and I've been taught by my parents my whole life, that individuality is so important,” she continued. “There's only one you. I think a lot of girls struggle with feeling like they can't bring something to the table, but they forget that you — just yourself — is bringing something to the table because there isn't another you.”

As far as what she’s still working on, Baldwin noted she wants to get better at “paying attention to little things, like being kind in every circumstance.”

“If somebody is your waiter or waitress, going out of your way to be like, ‘Thank you so much.’ Or notice things and compliment people, because honestly what it does for you too — I think it's like a soul cleansing way of being,” she explained. “Just going out of my way is what I've been trying to work on more. I think there was a period of time where I didn't care and I didn't go out of my way with people. That's so important because we're all people trying to live life in this world together.”

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