Halsey Slays 'Saturday Night Live' Stage With Two Memorable Performances and a Sexy Sketch


Halsey made her triumphant return to Saturday Night Live over the weekend with two captivating performances of new singles off her recently released album, Manic.

The 25-year-old singer first took the stage to perform the bop, "You Should Be Sad." Dressed in a black bedazzled bodysuit with fishnet stockings and gloves, Halsey -- who opened the performance riding a bull with a rhinestone-covered cowboy hat and matching cowboy boots -- heated up her first performance of the evening with a sexy rendition of the song.

Halsey later returned to the stage to slow things down with a bare-bones performance of "Finally" and "Beautiful Stranger." Looking chic in a ruffly long-sleeved white boho shirt and wide-legged pants, with an acoustic guitar in hand, Halsey showed off her true talent as she stood at center stage with a lone spotlight on her.

Watch Halsey's performances below.

This was Halsey's third time serving as musical guest in Studio 8H, after previously pulling double duty as both performer and host. Halsey also appeared in the "Slow" digital short, opposite host Adam Driver helmed the show, who coincidentally led the show for his third go as well.

Watch the sketch below.

Halsey's appearance comes just days after the songstress accidentally got herself in some hot water following a poorly-worded joke she tweeted slamming Pitchfork.

Pitchfork took to Twitter on Thursday morning and dissed Halsey's new album in their lackluster review. Halsey decided to shoot back, tweeting, "Can the basement that they run pitchfork out of just collapse already?"

While it might have otherwise been an innocuous comeback penned by an insulted artist, Halsey was unfortunately unaware that Pitchfork operates out of One World Trade Center. It didn't take long for people to raise this fact with varying degrees of outrage.

Responding to one Twitter user joking about the tweet, Halsey wrote, "ABSOLUTELY deleted it upon realizing this. Was just trying to make a joke! Intended zero harm."

"Just figured I could poke at them back with the same aloof passive aggression they poke at artists with!" she added. "Clearly a misunderstanding ❤️"

That being said, Twitter was kinder to Halsey following her amazing numbers during the last season of SNL, when she blew fans away with her performances of "Without Me" and "Eastside."

Check out the video below for a look at some of Haley's biggest Saturday Night Live moments.

Saturday Night Live airs live coast-to-coast on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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