John Mayer Makes a Special Cameo on Halsey's New Album: Details!

John Mayer and Halsey
Daniel Knighton/Getty Images and Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

The longtime pals have been plagued by romance rumors for years.

John Mayer is always giving his pal, Halsey, his love and support! The 25-year-old singer released her new album, Manic, on Thursday, and took to Twitter to answer fan questions about the new music. 

While there are lots of collaborations on the record, including ones with Alanis Morissette and BTS, Halsey's longtime friend, Mayer, also shows up on a song. 

In her track, "3 am," a man's voice can be heard at the end of the song leaving a voicemail, which says, "Your best song is the song that's currently on the radio. How many people can say that? That their best song was the one that's currently about to be a massive hit. It's already a hit. It's just gonna get more massive. How many people can say it? Not very many. Congratulations!"

Answering one fan who asked if the voice was that of her father, Halsey replied, "It’s @JohnMayer! Haha. He predicted the success of 'Without Me' before I had faith in myself #manicthealbum." 

Halsey and Mayer have long been the subject of romance rumors, as they continue to banter online. In December 2018, they shut down the rumors on Mayer's Instagram Live show, Current Mood. 

"The fact that we’re both alpha types, while not prohibitive, would make a romantic relationship difficult, especially when compounded by the fact that we’re both highly driven and creative artists who value our independence,” Mayer, 42, said at the time. 

Halsey is currently dating actor Evan Peters.