Hannah Brown on Whether It's Really Over With Peter Weber After Emotional 'Bachelor' Conversation (Exclusive)

The 'DWTS' champ tells ET she'll always care for Weber 'deeply.'

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber couldn't deny their feelings for each other during their emotional reunion on The Bachelor -- so, is it really over? 

The former Bachelorette opened up about that headline-making conversation while co-hosting ET on Tuesday, telling our Lauren Zima that she'll always "care for him deeply." 

"I mean, they keep teasing [I might show up again on The Bachelor]. You'll have to keep watching," she said. 

During an interview with ET earlier this month, Weber shared that he was still in love with Brown when she showed back up on his Bachelor season. He also said that he was hurt when she asked out her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, after her failed engagement to Jed Wyatt. 

"If she would have [asked me out], I would have said yes and I probably would not have been the Bachelor," he told ET, adding that his emotional conversation with Brown had him thinking about leaving the show just days into filming. 

"I definitely considered [quitting the show] in that moment. I know that sounds absolutely crazy insane, but... I told everyone from the very beginning I was going to be raw, be myself and do what I had to do in that moment," Weber said. 

Brown agreed that "it would have been different if I would have asked him out." "I think we had a very candid conversation on the episode of The Bachelor that I was on," she said., but noted that "Right now, I think I'm in a great spot and I'm just trying to move forward."

The former pageant queen said that one thing that's "bothered" her about her reunion with Weber is that she never would have "started spilling my guts about how I felt about him." "I truly wanted to be there, do my job of hosting [the date], and I just had a vulnerable moment and I mean, I pride myself sometimes for being honest to a fault, but if I get asked questions about how I feel, I'm going to say what's really truthful," she said. "I think especially in that situation, you deserve honest answers when you're putting your life on the line and figuring out your relationship. So it was a very hard conversation to then go back to learning a Rumba." 

It was Brown's desire to learn that dance -- and come out victorious on Dancing With the Stars -- that prevented her from saying "yes" to Weber's proposal that she join his season of The Bachelor. 

"I couldn't understand the logistics of it," she explained. "I'm much more of a realist in that way, of like, 'Eh.' I wanted to do something for myself and move forward and I wanted to do my very best on Dancing With the Stars, and I didn't want to let that opportunity go."

"But of course there was obviously still feelings there and it was hard," Brown added. "But also -- I don't know if I could move back in with [the other women] ... it's like a mansion, but I call it a peasant house because you literally are just a bunch of girls in two bathrooms. It's hard. I don't want to deal with all the girls."

Brown moved from Alabama to Los Angeles last summer, but hasn't yet started dating in the city. "No," she said, letting out a chuckle. "That was very firm. I haven't had time. And that's just not like -- what's happening for me right now."

The 25-year-old has instead been focusing her attention on Dancing With the Stars and will be joining the DWTS Tour during its Jan. 28 stop at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

"It's my mom's dream come true," she shared. "I think she is so excited. I am so excited. I never would have thought that I would be dancing at Radio City. It's going to be incredible."

"I'm a little worried because I'm like, 'Oh, I haven't danced in a while.' I'm going to have to really just put it in crunch time and make sure I get the best performance that I can. It's going to be really fun, though. No pressure of the judges and a live audience," Brown said. "Oh wait, there is a live audience!"

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below.