Hannah Brown Plays 'Date, Marry, Disappear' With Her Exes (Exclusive)

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Who would Hannah Brown want to date, marry and disappear from her final three Bachelorette contestants? 

That answer might not be too hard to guess, given how things ended for the former pageant queen on her season... but we asked her anyway during ET's Unfiltered series. 

"It's so funny -- I guess... Yeah, I guess I'll do it. Sure, why not? Date, marry, disappear with my final three guys," she began. "Date: Tyler. Marry: Peter. Disappear...Jed."

Brown accepted Jed Wyatt's proposal in her season finale of The Bachelorette, only to end their engagement weeks later after headlines surfaced that he had a girlfriend back home in Nashville while he was filming the show. On After the Final Rose, she asked out her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, for a drink. They ended up spending the night together, but soon after, he jetted off to New York to spend time with Gigi Hadid, and hope of a rekindled romance between Brown and Cameron dwindled. 

Then, Brown popped up on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, and the two shared an emotional conversation about the feelings they still had for one another. Weber asked Brown to join his season, but the two decided to go their separate ways, with Brown going on to win Dancing With the Stars.

The former Miss Alabama USA first entered Bachelor Nation on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, for which she was nominated by a videographer who had met her during the pageant. 

"I had no idea who nominated me at first," Brown explained, noting that she thought her first phone call from Bachelor casting was a telemarketer. She almost hung up but decided to give it a shot. "I ended up taking a leap of faith. I really was interested in Colton. I thought he had his own platform and was a handsome guy. He had a lot going for him, and I thought I could see myself with somebody like that." 

Brown turned 24 just days into filming on The Bachelor, and really did believe she was ready to get married. Growing up in Alabama, she remembers thinking, "Oh my god, if I'm not married by 25, I should invest in some cats." 

The former Bachelorette said that one of her P.E. teachers ran into her at Walmart shortly after she had gone through a breakup, and tried to console her by saying, "As long as you are married by 25, you should be fine." "The same day -- it was a real hard day -- at the grocery store, I was wearing pajamas, because why not? [A man] told me I'd never get a man looking like that. And then the day before that, I had a client that told me I should get on Match.com, at 23 years old, because I didn't have a boyfriend," Brown said.  

Brown's relationship history was a topic of conversation throughout her entire time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. A date with Weber made headlines after Brown seemingly confessed to being engaged twice before -- but she told ET that's not the case. 

"A lot of people think that I've been engaged before because I've said in the past I had two very serious relationships where we were in the talks about engagement," she said. "I didn't have a relationship for a year and a half before I went on The Bachelor. And that was a good time for me."

That period of time allowed Brown to grow into herself and her faith, and move on from a place where she felt ashamed for having sex before marriage. She was open about that process on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette -- and inspired fans by standing her ground in a difficult conversation with fellow Christian, Luke Parker. On his fantasy suite date, the Bachelorette contestant told Brown that he wanted to keep the marriage bed pure, and shamed Brown, telling her that if she had slept with another contestant, he would leave. (She did sleep with another contestant, Weber, but Parker refused to leave.) 

"I remember being like, 'How am I the sex girl? I'm not the sex girl,'" Brown told ET of her sex life becoming a plot point on the show. "I didn't think I was gonna have sex before I was married. I mean, I didn't have my first kiss until I was 17."

"When I lost my virginity, of course, I thought that was gonna be the guy I would marry. I was not comfortable with it and, like, had a breakdown. I felt so ashamed and so guilty, because of just the way I grew up and what I was told. I felt when that relationship didn't work, I mean, I was just like, great, I'm ruined," she recalled, adding that it was "very hard" to hear people call her a "slut" or "promiscuous" after that blowout fight on The Bachelorette

"But I do think [sex is] a big part of a relationship and I'm totally -- I'm for whatever makes you feel comfortable. If that is abstaining from sex until you're married, I think that's wonderful and great," she noted.

From her sex life to her love life, it's been a huge year of growth for Brown -- and no matter what anyone says, she's "really proud of that."

"[I'm] really learning from some of the situations that I've been through and powering through that, and becoming stronger and more powered and empowered through that," she said. "I really am proud of myself. And that's what I'll be able to say... still struggle, still not perfect -- far from it. But proud of this girl."

"I mean, I'm still single, so maybe I should try Match.com. I don't know," Brown joked. "But I'm OK with being single, too. I still want a guy, a man, to do life with it. That would be so fun to share that with somebody. And that's what I want."

"But I have finally gotten to a point where I'm OK with being alone, and can do my own thing. Because if I keep doing my own thing and becoming my best self, I'm hoping, wishing, praying the guy I'm supposed to be with is doing the same thing right now, and we'll just be better for each other when that day happens," she shared. "Wow, magic. It's not magic. It's hard work, a relationship. You know what I mean."

See more on Brown in the video below. 


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