Hoda Kotb Feels 'Grateful' on 54th Birthday While Sharing Sweet Pic of Herself and Haley Joy


Hoda Kotb loves being a mom. 

The Today show co-anchor took to Instagram on Thursday to commemorate her 54th birthday with a touching photo of herself and her daughter, Haley Joy. In the image, Kotb sweetly holds onto her baby girl on an outside deck, as Haley, adorably dressed in a printed bikini, can't wait to get into a kiddie pool. 

"Fifty-four. And I get her. I can’t believe I get to do this," Kotb wrote alongside the pic. "#grateful."

Kotb also shared a shot of her mother holding little Haley. "My mom and sis are here for my birthday and this morning ...at 3:15... when I was in the kitchen... my mom came down the stairs — at 3:15 and said.. 'I just wanted to wish you a happy bday.' I bet she set her alarm. I love you, mom," she wrote. 

Kotb was also surprised by her Today show family as the cast of Pretty Woman on Broadway sang her "Happy Birthday."

In an interview with ET in March, Kotb couldn't stop gushing about how her life has changed since she adopted Haley last year. 

“I thought I had missed my window and a lot of women might feel this way,” she revealed. “You get busy with work, then you’re in a marriage that maybe doesn't work, then I had an illness, then I looked at my life and said, ‘What happened? I missed it.’”

“I feel like my life began when they put her in my arms -- like that was day one,” Kotb said, adding that becoming a mom "snapped my world into focus."

“And I will take that -- life starting at 52 -- a million times over, compared to a perfect day before her.”

See more in the video below. 


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