How Ben Affleck's Relationship With Shauna Sexton Is Affecting Him in Rehab (Exclusive)


A source tells ET that the actor's rumored new flame has made things 'challenging' for those closest to him.

Ben Affleck's relationship with Shauna Sexton has those closest to him a bit worried. 

The 46-year-old actor has continually been spotted out with the 22-year-old model since entering rehab last month, and a source tells ET it's "been challenging for everyone who is trying to help him through this process." 

"He has been told to hold off on a relationship... but isn’t heeding that advice. His closest friends hoped he was just dating her and would break it off after going to rehab, but he seems to get closer to her every day," the source shares. "The more time Ben seems to spend with Shauna, the more he seems to want to go home." 

Affleck was first photographed out with Sexton in mid-August. While he's accompanied by sober coaches when he leaves his rehab facility for outings with Sexton, ET previously learned that she's not sober. "Shauna has been a strong support for him by attending his family sessions and listening to the advice, but she doesn't seem willing to give him the space he needs to stay in rehab," ET's source says. 

The actor's relationship with Sexton has also been hard on his ex, Lindsay Shookus. "Lindsay was supporting Ben in the beginning but now he seems to be relying more on Shauna than Lindsay and she is devastated," the source said of the SNL producer, who parted ways with Affleck this summer after one year together. "She believed he would get sober and they would work it out, but that isn’t how things seem to be panning out."

As for how his ex, Jennifer Garner, feels about his new romance, the source says the actress is hoping he focuses his attention elsewhere. "Jen wants nothing more than for Ben to dedicate himself to his sobriety," ET's source explains. "She knows she can only do so much and that the process is up to him."

“Ben has only committed himself to the 28 days and Jen wants him to commit to much longer. Everyone wants this to be the very last time he has to be rushed to rehab," the source adds. 

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Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.