How Jamie Foxx's Absence Was Addressed in 'Beat Shazam' Season 6 Premiere

Foxx's daughter, Corinne, was also absent on Tuesday's season opener as Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne temporarily filled in.

Jamie Foxx's absence was felt on the season 6 premiere of the Fox musical game show, Beat Shazam.

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Nick Cannon would be temporarily filling in for Foxx as a guest host after the Oscar winner suffered an emergency "medical complication" in April. Foxx is currently in a rehabilitation center in Chicago, where his family and loved ones -- including daughter Corinne, who is the Beat Shazam DJ -- have been by his side during his recovery.

In Tuesday's season opener, Cannon wasted no time addressing Foxx's absence, acknowledging the temporary change in host and DJ in a brief introduction at the top of the hour.

"Welcome to Beat Shazam. Now I know what you all are thinking, 'That ain't Jamie Foxx.' And you are absolutely right. I'm actually Nick Cannon and I am honored that Jamie asked me to fill in for him," Cannon said, before reminding the audience and viewers that this was Foxx's show. "So make no mistake, this is Jamie Foxx's house."

"He has hosted the show for five seasons and given away almost $12 million dollars, y'all. It's amazing. So I'm going to do my best to live up to Jamie's Beat Shazam legacy, which means I need to do three things: Play the biggest hit songs on the planet. I got that. Throw a party every single night. Got that. And give away how much money?" the 42-year-old said, with the audience yelling out "$1 million dollars!" in response.

Cannon then introduced Kelly Osbourne, who is stepping in for Corinne as DJ during this time, but did not go into further detail on the Foxx family's current circumstances.

"Now, while Corinne is spending some daddy-daughter time with Jamie, it's my pleasure to introduce our guest DJ who actually needs no introduction. It's the incredible Kelly Osbourne," he said.

Soon after he punted to Osbourne, it was business as usual for Beat Shazam, as the duo shifted gears and focused on the contestants and game show matters.

Last week, Cannon and Osbourne interviewed each other for ET on the Ireland set of Beat Shazam ahead of the premiere, where they shared how they got called up to take over as host and DJ for the time being while Foxx recuperates.

"I had just wrapped filming a show for Fox and they called me up and they're like, 'Can you get on a plane to go and shoot Beat Shazam?' And I said, 'Yep.' It wasn't even an afterthought. It was just, 'Yes,'" Osbourne revealed.

Cannon credited Osbourne for being "a great partner in this," prompting her to express her gratitude in return: "Thank you. I really appreciate you. I like working with you. I really do."

Cannon spoke about the differences hosting this show versus the other Fox competition show he leads, The Masked Singer. "It's actually a little bit more chill here because you get to deal with everyday people and their spirit is like -- this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," he said. "So for them to be on television potentially playing for a million dollars just based off of your knowledge of music, it's so much fun because you're literally changing people's lives."

Corinne first announced that her father had suffered from an unspecified health crisis on April 12. 

"We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday. Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery," she said at the time.

A source previously told ET several days later that Foxx "is doing OK, thankfully... He's recovering and has been surrounded by his family."

Cannon spoke with ET shortly after, where he offered an update on his friend. "Man, I'm praying," he said in late April when asked how Foxx was doing. "I literally have been saying prayers out loud. Words of affirmation for my big brother."

"I know he's doing so much better because I'm actually about to do something special for him, and doing him a favor," Cannon teased at the time, likely hinting at his run as guest host on Beat Shazam. "I can't really say what it is, but it'll be out there soon. I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it's a beautiful thing. He's awake. They say he's alert, so, we love it."

"That's family right there," he added.

Foxx later broke his silence on his Instagram page in May, where he published a text post that said, "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed." He included a prayer, fox and heart emoji. He captioned the post with a prayer emoji and a blue heart.

Beat Shazam airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.