Jamie Foxx Seen for First Time Amid Health Battle: Everything We Know

The celebrated actor has been recovering from an unspecified health emergency since April.

Jamie Foxx is recovering and rehabilitating after suffering an unknown medical emergency last month that left him hospitalized in Atlanta.

Jamie's health condition has been subject to rumors and speculation, and wildly varying reports have emerged regarding his condition and his recuperation.

Meanwhile, many of his famous friends and colleagues have been keeping in touch, sharing their love and prayers and working with Jamie amid his health scare.

ET is taking a look back at the Oscar winner's unspecified medical complication, from when news first broke that he'd been hospitalized through the most recent reports that he's at a physical rehabilitation facility in Chicago and his first sighting since hospitalization.

News First Breaks

On April 12 -- one day after Foxx was spotted on the set of his most recent project, Back in Action -- the actor's daughter, Corinne Foxx, revealed that her father had experienced a health scare, and was on the road to recovery.

"We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday," Corinne began the message, written on behalf of the Foxx family. "Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery."

The 29-year-old actress continued, "We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for your privacy at this time."

Production Pauses (Then Resumes)

On the day of Jamie's medical emergency, the crew on the set of Back In Action was notified that Foxx would be two hours late to set because he was ill. Shortly thereafter, however, they got the call that Jamie would not be coming in. Filming was suspended for the day.

The Netflix action comedy, directed by Seth Gordon, stars Jamie and Cameron Diaz alongside Kyle Chandler and Glenn Close. The highly anticipated film marks Diaz's first big-screen project since 2014, when she starred as Miss Hannigan in a remake of Annie, which also featured Jamie. The pair also starred opposite each other in 1999's Any Given Sunday.

Less than a week after the star's hospitalization, Diaz was seen on set filming scenes with a stand-in. ET learned that production on Back in Action had been ongoing since the health scare, and planned to stick to their schedule, which saw production wrap the following week.

Well Wishes Come Pouring In

After Corinne's statement about her dad, celebrities began taking to their social media accounts to share their love and support for Jamie, while highlighting their adoration for the actor and encouraging fans to do the same.

Jennifer Hudson shared a photo of her Dreamgirls co-star along with a sentimental caption. "Lifting my friend @iamjamiefoxx and the Foxx family up in prayer !" the actress and singer wrote, adding, "We pray for healing in Jesus' name! Sending u all the love in the world, Jamie!!!"

Kerry Washington shared a similarly sweet throwback photo of her resting her head on Foxx on Thursday, writing, "A @iamjamiefoxx appreciation post. Sending you all the love and prayers my movie huzbin."

Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, Nick Cannon, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, LeBron James and Viola Davis were among the many, many celebs who shared tributes for Jamie, or spoke with ET about the actor's kindness.

Tracy Morgan opened up to ET a week after Jamie's hospitalization and got candid about his own past health scares and experiences.

"I've been there. I was on the other side in a coma for 10 days, so I know about [being hospitalized]," said Morgan, referring to the frightening accident in 2014 when a truck slammed into his tour bus, killing one passenger and leaving Morgan with life-threatening injuries. "I just want Jamie to please get strong... Jamie, I love you. My prayers go out to you and your family. Please get well."

Nick Cannon Takes Over

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke to Nick Cannon two weeks after Jamie was first hospitalized, and the Masked Singer host opened up about praying for the actor's health, and teased an upcoming work project. "I know he's doing so much better because I'm actually about to do something special for him, and doing him a favor."

 "I can't really say what it is, but it'll be out there soon," Cannon promised. "I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it's a beautiful thing. He's awake. They say he's alert, so, we love it."

In early May, the nature of what Cannon was doing for his friend was revealed when Fox announced The Masked Singer host would serve as a guest host on Beat Shazam, temporarily taking over Jamie's hosting duties.

"Beat Shazam has been an unscripted mainstay on the FOX schedule for six seasons and counting. This season, not wanting fans of the game show to miss a minute of fun, Nick Cannon has offered to fill in as guest host for his friends, Jamie and Corinne Foxx. Kelly Osbourne will be filling in as guest DJ," a statement shared on Instagram read. "Everyone at FOX Entertainment wishes Jamie well as he continues his recovery and we greatly appreciate Nick's willingness to jump in and help this summer."

Thanking Fans

Jamie finally broke his silence on May 3, when he took to his Instagram account and published a text post, saying, "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed." He also included a prayer, fox and heart emoji. He captioned the post with a prayer emoji and a blue heart.

He also took to his Instagram Story and thanked Nick Cannon, after it was revealed the TV personality would fill in for Foxx as the guest host of Beat Shazam during its sixth season.

"Appreciate ya my boy @nickcannon," Foxx wrote on his Instagram Story. "See u all soon."

Positive Progress

When asked about Foxx's health while on the Impaulsive podcast earlier this month, Kevin Hart shared, "I think the dope thing is that he's getting better in his situation, and everybody's prayers, everybody's love, energy, all that stuff is seen and felt."

"I don't know the details or the exact details as to what's going on, but to my knowledge, there's a lot of progression and a world of better. My love, synergy goes out to him. He's needed, he's necessary and I know he knows that. I know that he feels that because there's been an outcry and outpour of support and I can only hope that it continues."

Meanwhile, Natasha Blasick -- who recently worked with Foxx on the comedy All-Star Weekend -- opened up about Jamie's condition and shared some news on his health from a close friend.

"I was texting him, and just yesterday I talked to his friend, who's like really in touch with him. I was, like, really freaking out [with] all of the news that he's getting worse. So I was texting [his friend], and he's like, 'No, no, no, he's recovering.' So just hearing that he was recovering made me feel so much better," she shared. "I'm just praying. And my friend yesterday reached out to me, and she's like, 'Let's pray together.' I mean, it's really crazy."

Corrine Sets the Record Straight

Amid rampant speculation about Jamie's health, and reports that he was going to be put on life support, Corrine took to Instagram to slam the rumors that Jamie's loved ones were preparing for the worst.

"Sad to see how the media runs wild. My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday!" she shared on May 12. "Thanks for everyone's prayers and support!"

She added that "We have an exciting work announcement coming next week too!"

A Project on the Horizon

That announcement came on Monday when it was announced that Jamie will co-host Fox's upcoming music competition series, We Are Family, alongside Corinne, beginning in 2024. 

"We are thrilled to be developing We Are Family with Jeff Apploff and our friends at FOX Entertainment after so much success with six seasons of Beat Shazam," Jamie and Corinne said in a statement announcing the news. "We hope this show brings as much fun to audiences at home as we’ve had creating it when it premieres next year."


We Are Family will showcase non-famous relatives of celebrities performing duets with their hidden famous family member. A studio audience of 100 contestants will participate through multiple rounds of clues and gameplay to win up to $100,000 each by correctly guessing which celebrity the performer is related to. Participating stars will range from musicians to professional athletes, to actors and beyond.

Rehab In Chicago

On May 15, it was discovered that Jamie was no longer in an Atlanta hospital but was undergoing physical rehabilitation treatment at a facility in Chicago.

Members of his family -- including daughters Corinne and Anelise Bishop -- were seen visiting him at the medical facility where he's undergoing continuing care and physical therapy, as seen in photos obtained by TMZ.

According to TMZ, the hospital facility in which Foxx is receiving treatment specializes in rehabilitation for those who have suffered from a stroke, spinal trauma and traumatic brain injury. The outlet further reported that, according to a source, Foxx has been at this facility since late April.

Treatments and Therapies

On May 16, ET spoke with Dr. Jyutika Mehta, Director of the Stroke Center - Dallas, and she shared more information on the kinds of treatment provided at centers like the one Foxx is currently in.

"The rehab centers pretty much address any motor or any cognitive or language impairment that can potentially result from a condition like a stroke or brain injury," Mehta shared. "Without knowing exactly what happened to him, it's really hard to tell, but any brain injury, whether it's stroke or a traumatic brain injury, or any type of brain trauma, has to be taken seriously, and often will likely require some kind of a rehabilitation."

According to Mehta, the average time spent in a rehabilitation center such as this can be anywhere from 12 to 20 days, or more. Additionally, Foxx's family being present to help will likely be a major factor in his recovery.

"Families play a huge role in the overall outcomes," Mehta explained. "That kind of support they need, both emotional as well as the other resources a family can provide is absolutely priceless. We really, really recommend, at our center, that family support is critical."

Shooting Down COVID-19 Vaccine Rumors

On June 8, a rep for the actor told ET that claims made on Dr. Drew Pinsky's online show that the Oscar-winning actor was hospitalized after he was seriously injured by a COVID vaccine were "completely inaccurate."

The rep's statement against the claim came over a week after a so-called gossip columnist made the unsubstantiated claim during a May 30 appearance on the show, in which the person claimed Foxx was left "partially paralyzed" and "blind" due to effects of the COVID vaccine.

This person also claimed Foxx was forced to get the vaccine in order to continue working in Hollywood. It was also alleged that Foxx had developed a blood clot, which led to a stroke. As the person made these allegations, Pinsky didn't challenge the claims, which according to NBC News, has been amplified to millions of listeners by far-right talking heads.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the former Celebrity Rehab star and Teen Mom reunion host downplayed the severity of the pandemic, calling it "way less serious than influenza." He also referred to the pandemic as "a press-induced panic." Pinsky, who said "COVID is no fun" after contracting the disease in December 2020, would ultimately apologize for downplaying the pandemic

Co-stars Share Positive Vibes

As Foxx's progress continued in private, his new co-stars added their voices to the chorus of well-wishers and supporters sending their love amid his health battle.

On June 14, ET spoke with the stars of Netflix's new sci-fi dramedy, They Cloned Tyrone, at the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach. 

John Boyega admitted to ET that he missed seeing Foxx get to enjoy the film's big debut screening.

"I wanted him to show up here but you know, I know he's dealing with what he's dealing with, and we just wish him all the best," Boyega shared.

Boyega said he hasn't had a chance to actually connect with Foxx yet, but added, "I've been calling, I'm just gonna keep on calling. He better pick up. Come on Jamie!"

Meanwhile, co-star Teyonah Parris recalled working with Foxx on the set, and how he brought life to the cast and crew during production.

"We had so much fun and he's just such a lively person and he brings such an energy to the set," she shared.

"I wish Jamie all the recovery and healing. He's just so amazing," she added. "It was just such an honor to work with him. He's so generous as an actor and as a human, along with John. I got lucky to be able to work with such dope men on this project, and dope men of color, that it was just so much fun."

Director Juel Taylor praised Foxx as "a master" of his craft, sharing, "It's hard to even get the words and just say, like, how much he gave to this movie."

"He definitely is in my thoughts and prayers for sure," Taylor added.

ET also spoke with Foxx's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! co-star, Porscha Coleman, at the 2023 BET Awards, where she shared a hopeful update on Foxx.

"I've talked to people very close to Foxx, [he] is doing well. I hate that the media outlets kept running with the narrative of what was going on without having the proper information," she said, referring to public speculation about Foxx's condition after the Oscar winner's hospitalization was first announced.

Amid all the misinformation, Coleman said that she isn't surprised that Foxx is keeping updates close to the chest, citing his privacy. "One thing about Jamie is that he's always valued his privacy. If you've noticed, Jamie Foxx has always been on the low. Even when it came to dating, Jamie's always been private, so it never surprised me. Once I heard the news, of course, I reached out, but how Foxx is doing it is how Foxx should be doing it. He's resting, he's well. And he's going to be back. Trust and believe," Coleman said.

She added, "I look forward to seeing him. I know he's doing great and he'll be back, trust and believe. He got a lot of projects coming up, a lot of music that I already know he has. So, I'm excited. I love you, Foxx!"

First Sighting and Tweet Since Hospitalization

On July 9, the actor made his first appearance since being hospitalized. In photos and video obtained by TMZ, Foxx was seen cheerfully cruising along the Chicago River in a large boat. 

He also posted a message on his Twitter page for the first time since March, sharing the positive summertime vibes with his fans. "Boat life. Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn," the tweet read. "Stay blessed!"

Per TMZ, Foxx looked vibrant and happy as he waved to fans from his boat. He was greeted by a neighboring boat, which cheered at the sight of the actor.

For more on Foxx's health and recovery, see the video below.