How Meghan Markle Is Preparing for Her Maternity Leave

With her due date reportedly coming up, the duchess' schedule is about to change.

The arrival of Meghan Markle’s first child with Prince Harry is fast approaching, meaning things are about to seriously change for the duchess.

In January, she reportedly revealed she’s six months along and that her due date is between late April and early May. Now, our royal source is sharing how Meghan and Prince Harry will adjust their lifestyle when their little one is born.

The source says that her schedule is “going to start to quiet down” as she prepares to welcome their baby. “She’ll be preparing for her maternity leave,” the source adds.

Meghan will also be ready for their big move to the countryside. 

The couple is expected to move into Frogmore relatively soon, again so they can be settled before the baby comes,” the source shares, adding that Meghan and Harry are “really excited,” as are future uncle and aunt, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Although the Duchess of Sussex plans to honor fewer engagements, “Meghan remains determined and focused” on her duties, the source says, adding that “she’s still doing quite a lot behind the scenes.”

ET recently sat down with royal expert Katie Nicholl, who offered some insight on who Meghan is looking to for support and guidance as she embarks upon motherhood.

“Well, if Meghan is looking for advice when it comes to raising a royal baby then, of course, you know she doesn't have to look any further than Kate,” Nicholl noted. “That said, I don't think they have this sort of close relationship where Meghan is necessarily seeking advice from Kate.” 

“I think the advice that Meghan has been taking has been from her close friends, Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, Jessica Mulroney,” she continued. “Of course, the friends she shared her baby shower with and certainly she has been talking to them about her plans.”

Nicholl also discussed how the arrival of Meghan and Harry’s baby will affect their charity work, particularly with William and Kate.

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“Well, we'll see less of the fab four together,” she stated. “That is not to say we're not going to see William, Kate, Meghan and Harry doing engagements together. Of course, they are still part of the Royal Foundation, that's their charity forum. We will see them doing those things together. But I think we are increasingly going to see the Sussexes do their thing and the Cambridges doing their thing.” 

She added: “And what I'm told through my sources at the palace, that each of them has their own niche. They have a very clear idea of what they want to do and the instructions from the top and, of course, that comes from Prince William at Kensington Palace, they don't want others treading.”

Despite months of ongoing feud rumors between Kate and Meghan, the pair appeared warm and friendly while embracing at the Commonwealth Day service on Monday at Westminster Abbey. However, could it all be for show?

“I understand that both of them have sort of agreed that, for the sake of appearances, they really want it to look as if they get [along],” Nicholl told ET. “They both realize that the idea of a feud, you know, a royal catfight between two duchesses doesn’t help any of them.”