How the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Cast Is Feeling as They Film Reboot After Luke Perry's Death (Exclusive)

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' cast is feeling grateful to be able to reunite after the death of Luke Perry, a source tells ET.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 cast is feeling grateful to be able to reunite after the death of Luke Perry, a source tells ET.

Perry died on March 4 shortly after suffering a massive stroke. He was 52. His former 90210 co-stars have said that prior to his death, the actor expressed that he was very much interested in appearing in the much-talked-about 90210 reboot, even though his role on Riverdale prohibited him from participating in the project full time.

Now, a source close to the 90210 reboot production tells ET that the cast -- which includes Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Shannen Doherty and Gabrielle Carteris -- is feeling nothing but "positive vibes" while filming, and want to make sure that Perry will be properly honored. 

"The crew is back together and so far, so good," the source says. "Everyone seems so incredibly excited to be working together again. There are really positive vibes and a certain appreciation by the whole cast to be reunited after Luke's passing. They all want to ensure Luke's memory lives on through the show. They are totally dedicated at this point to making the show its best."

"The chemistry is great on camera and it's as if they had never taken a day off," the source adds.

According to the source, even Doherty -- who famously had a falling out with the cast before being written off the show in 1994 -- is past any old drama.

"Shannen had a tough time getting along with the cast in her final season but she has put that all behind her," the source says. "Everyone has put their problems behind them and came together because 90210 is very special to all of them in very different ways. They want to see it succeed."

Of course, the cast still deeply misses the beloved Perry, who played iconic bad boy Dylan McKay on the show. 

"The toughest part is being without Luke because he was the one cast member who held everyone together, the one that had no drama with anyone," the source notes. "Everyone just loved him. The cast keeps talking about all their wonderful memories of Luke. They are trying to focus on the fun times they enjoyed on set with him."

As for Spelling, the source says she's in a good place when it comes to her relationship with her husband, Dean McDermott, and raising their five kids -- 12-year-old Liam, 10-year-old Stella, 7-year-old Hattie, 6-year-old Finn and 1-year-old Beau.

"Tori lives quite close to the set so she has been balancing work life and family well," the source says. "She comes home every night after shooting and gets to be with the kids. Dean has very much stepped up, and while he has always been great with the kids, now he's there every moment."

"Tori and Dean did a lot of counseling and their marriage is finally in a really healthy place," the source continues. "The kids have been told about 90210 and are so excited to see their mom in action. Tori is hoping to make them fans of the show once it broadcasts and the family plans on watching it together when it airs!"

The 90210 cast has been teasing on Instagram that they're currently filming the reboot. On Tuesday, Carteris shared a heartwarming reunion pic with the original stars.

"Working hard! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to!" she wrote. 

Ziering also shared a photo of the script.

Meanwhile, Spelling and Doherty recently shared throwbacks of their 90210 days and confirmed they'll all be together again. 

In February, Fox announced that they had officially picked up the 90210 reunion series for six episodes. The show will see the reunion of the original stars playing "heightened" versions of themselves. Last week, it was finally confirmed that Doherty was on board as well. 

"Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it's time to get a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot up and running," the series' description reads. "But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast -- whom the whole world watched grow up together -- attempts to continue from where they left off?"

In March, Green revealed that the cast had actually reunited shortly after Perry's death at Carteris' house to honor their late co-star. 

"[I saw] people I hadn’t seen in at least 18 years, at least," he said during an episode of his podcast ... with Brian Austin Green. "It was very mixed emotions because you were happy to see everybody and you felt like, 'God, it's been so long' ... but what a horrible reason to have to see everybody again."

"It was definitely interesting, it had its fun, funny, like, laugh times and then it had its moments of .... I don't fully know what to say," he continued. "I totally don't believe it. I don't fully believe Luke is gone. Luke has been in my life a long time and we had a really special relationship and I'm learning now that Luke really had a special relationship with everyone. ... He was a great human being."

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-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz