Inside Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's Beautiful Blended Family (Exclusive)

The couple has been together 14 years!

ET is taking you inside Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's amazing family!

The longtime couple secretly tied the knot in October 2017 after more than 10 years together. They've had two children over the course of their relationship -- Lola, 11, and Nakoa-Wolf, 9 -- and Bonet also has a 30-year-old daughter, Zoe Kravitz, from her first marriage to Lenny Kravitz, which ended in 1993.

The 14-year-long relationship began when the pair met in 2004 at a jazz club in Los Angeles, California. 

“I literally turn around, I’m with my best friend, and I see her and she goes, ‘Hi, I’m Lisa.’ And I turn around to my friend and I’m like, ‘Ahhh!!!’” Momoa, 39, recalled on The Late Late Show last year. “F**king fireworks going off inside me.”

“I convinced her to take me home because I was living in a hotel… We sat down and she ordered a Guinness, and that was it," Momoa continued. "She ordered a Guinness and I had grits. We had Guinness and grits and the rest was history.”

Bonet, 51, has a similar recollection of their first meeting.

“I can’t say it was full-on from the moment we saw each other, but we have been together from the day that we met,” she told Porter Edit  back in March, before confirming Momoa's Guinness and grits memory. “In that moment, love came and it came big, and he did not run as I think a lot of men do. He basically picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, caveman style!” 

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa in 2008 - Philip Ramey/Corbis via Getty Images

It may have been the first time they'd met in person, but Momoa's fascination with Bonet was years in the making.

“I was 8 years old and I saw her on the TV and I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one,’” he said on The Late Late Show. “I was like, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I’m going to get you.’ I’m a full-fledged stalker.”

Though he's since told Bonet of his childhood crush, he wasn't always so forthright. 

“I didn’t tell her that until we had two babies, otherwise it would have been creepy and weird," he confessed. "I’ve always wanted to meet her. She was the queen always.”

Despite being rumored to have wed in 2007, they didn't actually tie the knot until 2017 in a small ceremony at their home in Topanga, California. "Lisa and Jason decided to make it official after years together," a source told ET at the time.

According to Us Weekly, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander were in attendance at the nuptials. That's of note because, after co-starring in X-Men First Class, Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz dated from 2010 to 2011. At the time of her mom's wedding, though, Fassbender had just secretly wed Vikander.

Following news of their secret wedding, Momoa expressed annoyance at the nuptials becoming public knowledge.

“I thought it would have stayed [secret], but some a**hole leaked it and I will find you,” Momoa told ET. “You know what, I've been married to my wife for 12 years. It’s just a gathering of our families and celebrating our love.”

ET caught up with the couple just days later, when Bonet -- who called their marriage "next level" while showing off their matching wedding bands with pearl-shaped stones -- joked that they hadn't yet had "a lot [of] time to do that kind of investigating," in regards to finding who leaked the news of their wedding.

"No, I’ve been doing press! I’ve been in China. I’ve been to London. I’ve been in interviews and haven’t had the chance to stalk someone down and find them yet -- but I will!” Momoa assured.

Just months after marrying Momoa, Bonet gushed about her love and adoration for her husband.

"What’s cool about Jason is that he’s an alpha male who stands for love and family," she told Porter Edit. "And to circle back to my own wounds, having an absent father, then to be fully met by a man of that stature, is really incredible. Jason embodies a rare form of masculinity in this day and age -- he’s a leader; he’s generous. Just in terms of charisma, physique, the right use of power, responsibility, work ethic, you can go down the line."

Their immediate connection and long term relationship has enabled them to have a happy blended family, one that includes Zoe and Lenny Kravitz. In an interview with Rolling Stone -- where Zoe recreated her mom's iconic nude cover -- the Big Little Lies actress revealed that the first time she met Momoa, he tagged along with her and her high school friends to drink forties. Momoa also has his own nickname for his step-daughter, Zozobear.

When ET caught up with Momoa in July, he even said that it "would be great" to appear alongside Zoe in her hit HBO show, Big Little Lies. She wouldn't be the only reason for Momoa to nab a role! The series also stars Nicole Kidman, who was once engaged to Lenny Kravitz and now co-stars with Momoa in Aquaman

"That'd be awesome," he told ET of a possible BLL role. "I don't see that in the near future, but that would be great if there's another season after this season."

As for Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, they're incredibly amicable too, even attending the Met Gala together in 2015.


It's not just Bonet who's close with her ex-husband; Momoa is very friendly with the "Fly Away" singer! In fact, following Momoa's Saturday Night Live debut -- which Kravitz attended -- the Aquaman star shared a pic of himself with his wife's ex on Instagram, revealing that he got each of them matching skull-shaped rings.

“I’m a huge fan of the artists I meet on Instagram,” Momoa wrote. “Love spreading the aloha. I got @lennykravitz a present made by @leroyswoodentattoos amazing bone skull ring. Check him out Insta. Mahalo Lenny for coming to support me on @nbcsnl.”

For Bonet, that blended family -- which includes one big Thanksgiving dinner -- is certainly something to celebrate. "It's fantastic," she gushed to Porter Edit. "It's fully-on family love."

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