Franklin Jonas Reveals Who His Mom Thinks Is the Best-Looking Jonas Brother (Exclusive)

Franklin and Kevin played an intense game of 'Sip or Spill' with ET.

Kevin and Franklin Jonas finally put to bed the hotly contested debate on which brother is the best-looking. Or did they?

Ahead of the season 2 premiere of their competition series, Claim to Fame on ABC, the brothers sat with ET's Cassie DiLaura and played an intense game of "Sip or Spill," which posed the "subjective" question. And they answered. Well, sort of.

At first, Kevin had no qualms giving Franklin the honors but being crowned the best-looking Jonas brother didn't sit well with the man himself.

"Highly disagree with," Franklin said. "I think that's a subjective question. It depends on if you want our opinion or the world's opinion."

The response elicited laughter in the room, which only intensified the debate when the brothers were asked to answer both questions.

Kevin wasn't having it, opting instead to take a sip. And Franklin followed suit!

Determined to get an answer, ET asked them who they thought their mom, Denise, would pick.

"All her boys, I think," Kevin said, to which Franklin responded, "She'd say Joe or Nick."

"Wow," Kevin reacted.

"I left both of us out," Franklin explained. "I left both of us out, brother."

Not satisfied with the explanation, Kevin joked that the interview was over. The game continued, and while the brothers never got to the bottom of who's the best-looking Jonas brother, they soon realized the questions were only going to get tougher:

Which JoBro is the best singer?

"That's tough. That's different. I'm going to go with this again," said Kevin as he took a sip.

"I want to be invited to the family gatherings, so I will," added Franklin as he also took a sip.

But when asked if they'd ever been mistaken as the wrong brother, Kevin answered affirmatively that, yes, it happens every day.

"A lot," Franklin added. "I've gone along with it, for sure."

When asked who he's mistaken for, Franklin pointed to Kevin.

"I get [Kevin] a lot," Franklin said. "I think we look the most similar. I've realized as I've come into my own and gotten the dad scruff ... I get you more than anyone."

Season 2 of their competition series, Claim to Fame, premieres Monday on ABC. The show brings together the relatives of a dozen celebrities with the goal of concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their own fame.