'Severance': Zach Cherry Shares His Reaction to Reading the Season 2 Premiere Script (Exclusive)

Severance Season 1
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The actor spoke to ET about filming the Apple TV+ and co-hosting 'The Great American Baking Show' on Roku.

As fans eagerly await the return of Severance, star Zach Cherry gave ET a quick update on filming season 2. "Things have been going good," he shared while promoting his co-hosting gig alongside Ellie Kemper on the new season of The Great American Baking Show. He said that he's also "excited for season 2" of the Apple TV+ psychological thriller. 

Although the actor couldn't spoil anything about the upcoming episodes, he did share what he thought of the new installment's opener, which will hopefully address the many shocking cliffhangers the ended season 1. "My reaction was the same as my reaction was to the first script in season 1, which is, 'This is good!'" Cherry quipped.

While Cherry doesn't know how the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike could affect production on season 2, which first started in October 2022, his conversation with ET follows a Puck News report that the new season was being delayed by script issues and ballooning budgets, among other issues. 

Ben Stiller, who is an executive producer on the series and directed most of season 1, responded in a statement to TV Line. "We're on the same really slow schedule we've always been on. Same target air date we've always had," he said, reassuring fans that "we all are just working to make the show as good as possible."

In February, Cherry's co-star, Patricia Arquette, who cryptically teased that fans should be "very scared" of the new episodes, admitted to ET that they felt "some pressure going into the second season." At the time she said that they "don't want to let [the fans] down." 

And in the months since, Adam Scott spoke about the additions to the ensemble. "We have Alia Shawkat and Gwendoline Christie and Bob Balaban and a bunch of great people," he said, referring to the eight new cast members brought on for season 2. He also added that they're "just incredible people and playing really interesting roles. And they just bring so much to it, it's great." 

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And with season 3 reportedly in the works, Kemper said she'd love to join the series. "You just pitched a really good idea," she said in response about joining the cast. "I love Severance, and thank you for writing me into season 3."

Cherry, meanwhile, teased that when it came to hosting The Great American Baking Show with Kemper, it was a nice change of pace from being on the set of Severance. "It was fun and it was definitely less intense," he said, explaining that "it was nice to be above ground and in the open air. Not in a room with a ceiling that's, like, just barely above your head with fluorescent lights for 16 hours a day."

He added that filming the baking competition on location in England was like being at camp. "So, I'd say it was a promotion in terms of lifestyle," he joked. "I also love working on that show but you're inside, in an office vibe. So, it was nice to kind of mix it up a little bit." 

For Cherry, that also meant getting to spend some quality time with longtime judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, which included trying to get one of the former's famous Hollywood Handshakes. "I requested one for being a good host," he shared, before teasing that "a few handshakes might have been handed out" among the Americans competing for the title of best amateur baker. 

The new season of The Great American Baking Show premieres Friday, May 5 on The Roku Channel.