Jamie Lynn Spears Teases Possible 'Zoey 101' Revival With Script Pic

Jamie Lynn Spears
Getty Images

Could a revival be in the works?

Could a Zoey 101 revival be in the works? Jamie Lynn Spears' latest Instagram post has fans wondering that very question.

The 28-year-old actress took to her social media on Thursday to share a cryptic photo of a script with the dialogue crossed out in pink. All that can be seen are the words "Gimme that bacon!" and a character named Sean.

Spears simply captioned the post with a bacon and word bubble emoji: "??." However, fans only got more excited when two former Zoey 101 actors, Paul Butcher and Chris Massey, left very teasy comments on the actress' post.

"Somethings coming," Butcher wrote alongside eye and flame emojis. Massey, on his end, left a smirking face and buff arm emoji.


In July, several of the cherished Nickelodeon show's stars reunited, including Butcher, Massey, Sean Flynn, Matthew Underwood, Victoria Justice and more. Spears, however, was not in attendance, later sharing that she "fell asleep."

The actress posted a touching clip of her former co-stars, yelling, "Hi Jamie! We miss you. We wish you could be here and we hope to see you soon." 

"Not only did I miss the reunion, but I also missed the FaceTime, because I'm lame and fell asleep.... thank y'all for the video and hope to see y'all very soon♥️?," Spears captioned her post. 

Earlier this month, ET caught up with Justice, who said, that while she hasn't been asked to join a reboot, she thinks getting the gang back together would be "super fun."

"It sounds super fun. I don't know, it doesn’t seem that real to me because I haven't been, like, officially, no one has come to me or anything," Justice said. "Who knows. I have no idea what's going on."

"But I love that show," she continued, adding, "It was such a special time in my life and I love all the people that are involved in it. I guess, you never know."

For more on the Zoey 101 reunion, watch below.