Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Have an Epic Carb Feast After 10-Day Diet Challenge

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in December 2018
John Lamparski/WireImage

The couple finished 10 days of a no sugar and no carb diet this week.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez know how to celebrate the end of a diet!

The A-list couple recently took part in a 10-day challenge in which they gave up sugar and carbohydrates. The pair also challenged their friends, mainly Today show co-anchor Hoda Kotb to join them. 

On Thursday, Lopez took to her Instagram Stories to celebrate the final day of the challenge. 

"I just got back from the gym. It's day 10. Day 10! We did it, we're here. I mean, we still have the rest of the day, but I'm feeling pretty good, like we can finish,” she told her fans. "Alex and I have struggled through. Anybody who stuck with us congratulations."

Jennifer Lopez/Instagram Stories

She also implied that they would be returning to the challenge soon, saying, "Maybe we'll stop for a few days and then get back on it. Some of you can join me for the second round. Super happy, super proud. We did it!”

After all of their hard work, Lopez and Rodriguez decided to celebrate with not one but two carb feasts. 

First, the former New York Yankees star shared a photo of himself in front of three large pizzas, fries, cookies and more desserts, writing, “Top this. How did you break the #10daychallenge?”

Jennifer Lopez/Instagram Stories

Lopez then shared a video and photo of what appeared to be a home cooked feast on her Instagram Stories, writing, “Worth it.” 

For more from the couple, watch the clip below: