Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Officially Marry Again With Second Wedding in Georgia

The couple first tied the knot in Las Vegas in mid-July.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married -- again! After tying the knot in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony, the couple once again exchanged vows, this time in front of friends and family in Georgia, ET can confirm.

ET has learned that the ceremony portion of the evening is now over. The whirlwind event began Saturday morning with wedding guests celebrating in the lobby of The Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah, Georgia as they got ready to board their waiting shuttles. A source told ET that a hotel staff member entered the lobby and popped a bottle of champagne. When one wedding guest got their glass of champagne, the guest exalted, "I'm ready!"

A source told ET that the guests for the couple's second wedding at Affleck's estate in Riceboro, Georgia wore white for Saturday's big soiree. An eyewitness told ET, "Guests were gathering at The Perry Lane Hotel [in Savannah] to head to Jennifer and Ben's wedding." The source added. "Everyone is dressed in white with most women in white dresses and gowns, and most men in white suits, a majority in linen material, but the dress code features a wide variety. Some men are in white shorts and sneakers and there is a female guest in a white fringe leather jacket and sparkly cowboy hat."

The source said guests provided their IDs before boarding the waiting shuttles. While they waited, guests snapped pictures to commemorate the moment. Filmmaker Kevin Smith, famous for almost always wearing only jerseys, later took to Twitter and showed off his outfit. He tweeted, "This is as formal as I’ve been dressed since maybe my First Communion when I was 7."

Jay Shetty, the officiant, wore an off-white suit, bow tie and shiny leather off-white dress shoes. He was carrying his cell phone, sunglasses, a pen and a journal before a black car arrived to pick him up.

While there was a lot of commotion in just the last day to get the venue ready for a wedding worthy of two A-listers -- not to mention Ben's mom's trip to the hospital -- a source told ET that Ben and Jen remained cool, calm and collected through it all.

"Ben and Jen have been so gracious all weekend. They have been wonderful towards all the staff helping with the event, from the limo shuttle service company and beyond," the source said. "You can tell how in love they are and how comfortable they are with each other. They can't wait to continue to celebrate all weekend long with the people they love the most."

After Lopez and Affleck's mid-July nuptials, a source told ET that, while the Vegas wedding was "perfect and a dream come true," the couple was still "planning to have a larger celebration soon with family and friends to celebrate their love in a bigger way."

A second source agreed, telling ET that Lopez and Affleck "will absolutely be having a bigger wedding ceremony and celebration that includes close relatives, friends, and loved ones."

It was a third source that shared more details about the couple's plans, telling ET, "The newly married couple has kept their celebrating to a minimum as they plan to have a bigger gathering within the next few weeks. Both have been married before and wanted to keep the marriage quiet and low-key before they plan to have big celebration in Georgia."

While, according to the second source, the couple was "in wedding planning mode" immediately following their Vegas ceremony, they were also "really just enjoying the now, right now."

The second source added, "They have both been planning things together, but Jen definitely has her own vision and is leading the wedding planning train."

Watch the video below for more on the couple.