John Legend Reveals How Life Is Different With 2 Kids (Exclusive)

JOhn Legend at LVE Event
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The singer launched his new rosé brand and performed at an intimate event in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

John Legend is handling being a father of two like a pro.

The 39-year-old singer and wife Chrissy Teigen recently welcomed their second child together, son Miles, and know that it’s tough being a parent, but it's easier when you have such a supportive partner.

ET caught up with Legend at the launch of his new Legend Vineyards Exclusive (LVE) rosé in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday, where he opened up about his perfect date night, the right way to pair a good wine and how he and Teigen are adjusting to being parents to two little ones.

“It a new challenge. It takes a little bit more logistical planning and we kind of split off where I take Luna and Chrissy takes Miles,” Legend, who looked stylish in a salmon-colored Alexander McQueen suit, told ET. “But I think when you have a good partner, it makes it easier to do it.”

The couple is also parents to 2-year old daughter Luna, who was in attendance and whom Legend says is a great big sister.

“She’s doing great! She loves [being a big sister],” Legend marveled. “She’s very caring with him and sweet with him. She gets a little jealous every once in a while and she’ll make sure she gets my attention because she knows I’m paying attention to Miles.”

Earlier this year, ET spoke with Teigen during her pregnancy and echoed Legend’s comments about Luna preparing to be a big sister.

"She is so excited. Actually, she's got her little baby doll now that she's been really taking care of," Teigen gushed. "It's hard though, because she's definitely jealous of John and I. She's so protective of John and when we kiss, she, like, looks [up] from no matter where she is."

"You see her little dark eyes somewhere," Teigen cracked. "It's a little scary."

While the couple may have their hands full, they still love to enjoy a romantic night together. The “All of Me" crooner shared that his recent Father’ Day outing was “perfect” and that good food and wine make for a great date.

“We had a really perfect date on Father’s Day. Chrissy took me out to dinner, we went to Napa Valley, went to one of the best restaurants in the world, a place called French Laundry. That was pretty perfect,” he shared. “We just like to every once in a while get away, just the two of us. Good food and good wine, it’s a good night.”

Meanwhile, Legend has been working on his rosé for over a year with Jean-Charles Boisset and Raymond Vineyards.

“We wanted the bottle to be perfect, the grapes to be perfect. We wanted it all to be just right and we’re so happy,” he expressed, adding that the best way to enjoy the refreshing wine is with a good barbecue and salad.

“We make lunch or we barbecue,” Legend shared. “There is a lot of great meals you can have with it. We do things like barbecuing chicken, we do a lot of cool salads, a lot of the recipes are in Chrissy’s book, Cravings. She does a really good watermelon and feta salad that’s amazing. She does a really good spinach and orzo salad. All those would be great with the rosé.”

During the event, attendees also enjoyed a handful of Legend’s songs including “Love Me Now,” "La Vie En Rose,” “All of Me” and a new track titled “Preach,” inspired by the recent political turmoil, which he has been very vocal about.

While the entertainer has a lot of projects in the works, and with Emmy nominations right around the corner, he could be rewarded for his hard work with a nomination for his role in Jesus Christ Superstar.

“I had so much fun doing the show and it was really such a beautiful team and a beautiful effort that came together into a really great show,” he expressed, adding that he’d be “surprised and thrilled” to get an Emmy nomination. “The production, to me, was the reward in itself, but if the Emmy voters like it, we’ll be very happy.”

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If he did go on to win, Legend would be among the select few to have an EGOT, an Emmy, GRAMMY, Oscar and Tony award.

“I never thought about it as a goal, but when I got close I thought, ‘Well, that would be really cool,’” he said with a laugh.

For more on Legend, watch the video below.