John Slattery Reacts to Possibility of Reprising His 'Sex and the City' Character for 'And Just Like That'

John Slattery
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Slattery played politician Bill Kelley in the beloved HBO show.

John Slattery told ET on Monday he would "absolutely" reprise his Sex and the City character for HBO's spinoff And Just Like That... Slattery played politician Bill Kelley in several episodes of the original show, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. 

"Absolutely, in a hot second," Slattery told ET of a potential return, agreeing that perhaps his character could be the mayor of New York City by now. "Why not!" 

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Interest surrounding the SATC spinoff peaked in recent weeks, following the news that Kim Cattrall will return for a cameo in the upcoming second season of AJLT

Cattrall had previously stated that she would not reprise her role -- her last appearance in the franchise was for the second feature film in 2010. Per Variety, she shot just one scene for the cameo and filmed it in one day back in March. 

Slattery spoke to ET at the Maggie Moore(s) global premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. Slattery directed the film, which stars John Hamm and Tina Fey

"You see how great they are together," Slattery said of the two stars, who are both close friends of his. "They've known each other for a long time, they're very comfortable with each other." 

Slattery added that Hamm was the one who suggested Fey for the role. "Hopefully they feel confident enough with me," he continued. "Everybody's relaxed and comfortable, and that's what you want to be able to do the best work." 

Maggie Moore(s) releases in theaters on June 16.