John Travolta Gives Timothée Chalamet a Sweet Shout-Out for Tying His Box Office Record

The actor matched a record the 'Grease' star set in the '70s.

Timothée Chalamet has a fan in John Travolta!

On Tuesday, Travolta, 70, took to Instagram to praise Chalamet, 28, for tying a record that the Grease star set back in the '70s.

According to IndieWire, Chalamet matched the box office record after his two recent films -- Wonka and Dune 2 -- each amassed over $200 million. The feat meant that Chalamet led the top two domestic grossing films over the last eight months.

Travolta accomplished the same between 1977 and 1978, when Saturday Night Fever and Grease accomplished the same in eight months, the outlet reported.

"Congratulations Timothée!" Travolta wrote alongside a screenshot of an article announcing the news. "It's great to have someone to share my box office record with. Sincerely, JT."

 When ET spoke to Chalamet back in December, he noted his appreciation for all the success he's been experiencing as of late.

"I'm very grateful," he told ET at the Wonka premiere. "I woke up this morning very grateful. It's my first big LA premiere ever, so very grateful."

As for Dune 2, Chalamet got to star in the sequel alongside his real-life pal, Zendaya. When ET chatted with the co-stars in February, they admitted that it was odd kissing onscreen amid his romance with Kylie Jenner and her relationship with Tom Holland.

"It's weird as hell, 'cause we're so close, platonically. In the scope of the movie, it's totally what is happening, but I also feel like we are so tight now that it really is just like another day at work," Chalamet said. "I don't know what that says about the nature of our jobs, but it's just another day of work."