Jonas Brothers' 'Sucker' Music Video Director Spills Behind-the-Scenes Details

Director Anthony Mandler is sharing how the guys kept the video a secret and more!

Director Anthony Mandler is sharing all the details!

On Tuesday, the filmmaker behind the Jonas Brothers’ new music video for their hit anthem, “Sucker,” chatted with ET Live’s Denny Directo and Cassie DiLaura about how he put together all the dazzling imagery that makes up the group's first music video in years, which includes appearances by their significant others -- Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas.

“For me, with my history with music videos, it’s always about the artist and the music,” Mandler explains when asked about being a part of the production. “Who they are and who they represent to people. Helping me facilitate and reimagine people’s dreams… I’m happy to be part of it. Great people and all the wives were amazing. The whole thing was exciting.”

Mandler also spoke about how they managed to keep the shoot on the down low, which had everything to do with working fast.

“The only way we kept it a secret is that we did it very quickly,” he shares. “I think we shot two weeks ago. And Nick contacted me a week earlier. So the whole thing was about a few weeks which is, for this size project and the amount of people and where we were, you know, you’re obviously always worried about paparazzi and leaks and whatnot. But we had none of those issues at all. It’s a miracle that no one knew. But certainly, the effect has been as big as I’ve ever seen in my career.”

The music video was shot at Hatfield House, one of England’s largest private estates. That meant getting to film in cavernous rooms and sprawling gardens, but it also meant the brothers and film crew got some measure of privacy as they put together the video’s bold imagery.

“[We were] behind walls and there was a lot of sort of barriers, so we were able to do what we were able to do," Mandler explains. "But I’ve seen in my career, I’ve seen drones and I’ve seen helicopters and tall ladders, so I was expecting actually photos to get out but nothing did.”

When asked to share his favorite scenes from the shoot, the 45-year-old director discussed putting together the video’s raucous dining room scene.

“You know, the dinner party was special because we wanted to create something sort of odd, a little like Beetlejuice that happened in the middle with all these dancers and we had a very short time to do it,” he says. “And we had $200 million in art in it… So it was sensitive and also chaotic at the same time.” 

“Also, I think, when Joe is tied up,” he adds. “I just think the energy between him and Sophie is so palpable and real … all those scenes of the couples. To be honest with you, it was two days of fun. I mean, we didn’t feel like we were working.”

Diehard fans will notice that the Jonas Brothers' self-titled second album cover makes an appearance in the video as a portrait. Mandler said the idea came to the brothers when they arrived at the enormous estate and discovered the artwork. 

“Well, when we found the location and the amount of art that was there and the art was all about the family of the house, we came up with this idea about a new family portrait done and they threw out the idea that we should take the old cover and recreate it and so it was their idea," he explains. 

Mandler also shared that making this music video was special for a very particular reason.

"I came out of retirement to do this one," he reveals when asked if he'll likely partner with the brothers for any other projects. "I retired a couple of years from making music videos, so we'll see."

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