Jonathan Scott Says Completing Girlfriend Zooey Deschanel’s ‘New Girl’ Series Is 'True Love' (Exclusive)

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True love is completing every episode of New Girl!

That’s what Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott has to say about his girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel’s, sitcom during the couple’s appearance on his brother, Drew Scott, and wife Linda Phan’s podcast, At Home With Linda and Drew Scott.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from the podcast, which premieres in full on Tuesday, Jonathan, 41, shares how much he knew of Zooey’s work before the two started dating.

“I remember hearing She & Him songs on the radio or at a restaurant and I never knew that was you,” he says about Zooey's musical duo. “It’s the same with New Girl. I had never seen New Girl until we started dating.”

“Which, by the way, I finished the series yesterday,” the television star proudly adds. “True love is driving five hours only to see your love for one, or watching their whole show.”

Jonathan then points out that Zooey, 40, had meanwhile watched Property Brothers, prompting Linda to question if she had viewed every episode of the HGTV series. “That would be true, true love,” Linda remarks.

“I’ve not watched every [episode],” Zooey says with a laugh. “I think [Jonathan would] be like, ‘Uh, weird.’ But I liked the show before I met you guys and always enjoyed watching it. Then after we started dating, I’m like, ‘Is it weird that I still like to watch the show?’ If I’m on a plane and there’s Property Brothers there, that’s what I’m going to watch.”

The two met while filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series, a spinoff of the Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Jonathan dished on the couple’s romance while talking to ET in January. Speaking about the idea of future marriage, Jonathan admitted that the love he has with Zooey is unlike anything he’s experienced before.

“Right now we’re just reveling in the fact that we love each other madly and we're still discovering each other,” he said about the actress, who has two young children with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik. “It's the most incredible relationship ever, so we’re content in that. I've never experienced [this] before in my life.”

“We literally laugh nonstop,” he also said about the couple’s special bond. “All the time. So, having that ability to really entertain each other is great. And, I'm a romantic guy -- I like to do romantic things -- [but] I've never been in a relationship where that is given back to me. So, it's really the perfect balance.”

Hear more of Zooey and Jonathan’s love story when their episode of At Home With Linda and Drew Scott debuts on Tuesday, and subscribe to the podcast at or follow @AtHome on Instagram.

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