Joy Behar Gives Whoopi Goldberg Health Update on 'The View'

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Whoopi Goldberg is on the mend!

On Wednesday's episode of The View, Joy Behar revealed what's kept Goldberg from appearing on the morning show for two weeks. Fans had been speculating that it meant everything from Goldberg's imminent departure to a possible Oscars hosting gig for the 63-year-old comedian. As it turns out, though, Goldberg is simply at home suffering from pneumonia.

"Whoopi is still out. Whoopi's still out. She's not feeling well, and there are all these conspiracy theories on the internet that she's not really sick, she's secretly preparing to host the Oscars. That's going around," Behar said. "Let me just set the record straight right now, OK?"

"Whoopi is on maternity leave. I'm sorry. It was a miracle. She hid that so well," Behar quipped, before revealing the real cause behind Goldberg's absence.

"She's actual recovering from pneumonia. That's what she had. It's a serious thing." Behar explained. "I don't think she's going to be able to host the Oscars and I'm sure she's very disappointed. She's not really even well enough to host this show right now, much less the Oscars."

Behar assured fans that, despite Goldberg's illness, her spirits are high. "I saw her last night and she's very funny still and we had big laughs," Behar revealed. "She's getting there. She's on the mend. So we miss you, Whoopi."

Though she may not be hosting this year's Oscars, Goldberg did have some opinions about who should get the gig. After Kevin Hart stepped down as the host, Goldberg told Stephen Colbert that she was pulling for Ken Jeong. 

“He would be brilliant,” she said. “It would also constitute the first Asian American to host the Oscars. It would be a whole series of firsts. And he also loves film and I think that’s what you need in a host. You need somebody who actually gets why films are great and can tell you the ins and the outs and the silliness of movies.”

Though Jeong seemed to be on board with that plan, The Academy decided to forego a host altogether for this year's ceremony. Watch the video below for the Oscars' host drama:


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