Justin Theroux Reaches Out to Ex Jennifer Aniston on Instagram for a Good Cause

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux
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The 'Morning Show' star went on to like her ex's post.

Justin Theroux is reaching out to Jennifer Aniston for some help.

The 48-year-old actor took to Instagram on Sunday to share a pic of his dog, Kuma, along with details of how he and his pup tried to help other animals that day. At the bottom of the post, Theroux tagged Aniston, who he was married to from 2015 to 2017, along with his and his ex's friend, Selena Gomez, to try to get them to help with the cause.

"KUMA had a rough day... We were working in Ventura and wouldn’t you know it? We just HAPPENED to be RIGHT NEXT to @vcanimalservices. KUMA had a feeling there might be some amazing puppies in there SO, we went over to meet some of them... and the human SAINTS that take care of them," Theroux explained in the caption. "We met SOME SERIOUSLY CUTE PUPS.... Like ZUMO, SHOTTI ... A puppy that doesn’t even HAVE a name yet... AND... a very scared STELLA that was too scared to even say hi to us." 

"KUMA used to be JUST like them... without a forever home. SO!!! She DEMANDED that we do something! At the very least, she made sure it was easy to adopt them....ALL of their adoption fees have been paid," he continued. "... Now ALL they need is an amazing Human who is committed to taking care of them. It sounds like a lot, but you’ll soon see... once rescued, they take care of you. So if you’re in the Ventura area... ZUMO, SHOTTI, NO NAME, and STELLA would love a visit... and of course... more than anything, would love to take care of you. "

He concluded his charitable post by tagging Gomez and Aniston, quipping, "Sorry Selena, you know the drill."

For Aniston, he referenced her joining Instagram recently, writing: "Yep, now that you’re on here, your gonna get this a lot too ☺️."


Aniston, who liked Theroux's post, joined the social media platform last month, immediately breaking both Instagram itself and one of its biggest records. The glitch that the 50-year-old actress caused on Instagram made it look like her ex-husband hadn't followed him on the platform, but Theroux told ET's Rachel Smith that he was actually one of the first people to follow the Morning Show star.

"She actually texted me. She said, 'You haven't followed me,' and I said, 'Of course I followed you!' and she's like, 'No you haven't!'" Theroux said. "I realized I was one of the people caught in the glitch... [She] literally broke Instagram. People were having trouble being recognized as following."

 Watch the video below for more of ET's interview with the Lady and the Tramp star.