Kathy Griffin Gets Her Lips Tattooed and Shares the Shocking Results

The comedian's husband was shocked by her appearance.

Kathy Griffin just underwent a cosmetic procedure. In a new YouTube video, the 62-year-old comedian documented the process of getting her lips tattooed -- and shared the initially frightening results.

In the clip, as Griffin walked into her esthetician's office she told the camera that she was getting her eyebrows microbladed and her lips tattooed, the second of which is called blushing.

After undergoing the procedures, Griffin returned home to her husband, Randy Bick, who exclaimed, "S**!" upon seeing his wife's lips. Through laughter Bick apologized for his initial reaction, as Griffin admitted, "It's a little swollen."

Next, Griffin showed off the work to her friend, Kristen Johnston, telling her, "I'm f**ked. Look at me."

"What did you do?" Johnston questioned through laughter. "That's not real."

With that, fans finally got their first peek at Griffin's lips, which were swollen and bright red. That fact didn't stop Griffin from living her life, as she told the camera, "Kristen thinks it's noticeable, but we're going to go to the Fourth of July parade. I don't think anybody will be able to tell."

Four to six days later, Griffin was totally healed, with her lips no longer swollen and now tinted in pink.

Griffin has had several health struggles in recent years. She revealed she'd been diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2021, and ended up having half of her left lung removed as a result. Griffin announced she was cancer-free in November 2021.

Then, in May, Griffin underwent vocal cord surgery.