Katy Perry Jokes She's 'Had It' With Pregnancy While Shopping for Baby Supplies

Katy Perry in australia while pregnant
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This whole pregnancy thing has Katy Perry pretty exhausted. The "Smile" singer went shopping for baby supplies, and the outing left her pretty tired.

The singer took to Instagram on Thursday to share a snapshot from her shopping trip showing her reclining in a rocking chair next to some cribs and baby playpens.

Perry, rocking a gray sweater, gray leggings and a face mask, tagged her location as "I've Had It," and captioned the sleepy snapshot simply, "Poopedstar."

Perry -- who is expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom -- recently opened up about her pregnancy journey, and said she's "really grateful for my body."

"Going through this process you get a whole new viewpoint," the American Idol judge said during a chat with the Kyle and Jackie O Australian radio show in July. The singer explained that she's at that point in her pregnancy where "everything is swollen."

"My hands are swollen, my feet are starting to swell," she said, adding that she's now just wearing sandals everywhere -- which was also evident in the photo she posted Thursday.

ET recently spoke with Perry's fellow American Idol judge, Luke Bryan, who revealed that his co-star is nearing her due date.

"I didn't know the exact due date ... so I texted her like, 'Hey, just so I can kind of wrap my head around when to really start thinking about you guys and saying prayers and everything,' so she let me know the due date," Byran told ET on Tuesday. "She's pretty close."

"I told her I'm probably gonna send her little girl maybe, like, a little pink BB gun," Bryan added with a laugh. "An old country boy version of little baby girl gifts. Pink camo and a pink BB gun."

Check out the video below to hear more.


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