Keke Palmer Weighs in on Viral Fan Campaign for Her to Play X-Men's Rogue

Keke Palmer
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Someone get Kevin Feige on the phone, immediately!

Keke Palmer has never been afraid to shoot her shot for a role, but this time the fans are doing it for her! 

A video of the Nope actress showing off different outfits for Vogue sparked a conversation about casting her as a comic-book hero when Palmer briefly appears in a black leather outfit and says she's "manifesting a superhero role" because it would make a perfect costume. While many of the suggestions were the popular casting choices for Black actresses -- regardless of personality -- one particular fan's idea went viral. 

TikToker @jacobfordridgway noted that although suggestions like Storm and Bumblebee were understandable, Palmer would work best in a role that tapped into her real-life superpower -- her vivaciousness. 

"If you want her to deliver a powerhouse lead, she's got to have room to play in that role," he explains, suggesting that Palmer should play X-Men's Rogue, giving her a "fun, boisterous role."

The idea quickly took off on TikTok and Twitter, finding its way to Palmer herself. When the TikTok video began to gain viral status on Twitter, she quote-retweeted it with the caption, "Come on agentttttttt," showing her appreciation for fans thinking of her.

Of course, a viral fan-casting being kicked off from a Tiktok video doesn't exactly make for a traditional copy letter but it wouldn't be the first time Palmer landed a role through unconventional means. 

In September 2020, Palmer hooked her guest-starring role in Insecure's final season by flagging Issa Rae through social media. After tweeting about looking forward to the final season of the HBO series, Palmer tweeted at Rae, saying, "@IssaRae there's been a mix up. I tweeted about my excitement for season 5 of Insecure and now everyone thinks I'm gonna be on it. We can't let them down, put me in to beat Condola's a** real quick." 

A year later, the actress revealed that her tweet had done the trick. But, instead of being brought on "to beat Condola’s a** real quick” as she had hoped, Palmer was cast as her sister, Kira, and appeared in season 5’s emotionally charged third episode, "Pressure, Okay?!," about the birth of Condola and Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis) son, Elijah. 

"That’s how crazy life is. You never know what you gonna get. I mean, I had no idea that it was really gonna happen," Palmer told ET of being asked to appear on Insecure, before quipping, "I didn't do the casting... Honey, Issa cast this." 

A year later, Palmer pulled something similar while appearing on The View, taking the time to speak directly to Whoopi Goldberg before her time was up.

"Now Whoopi, I gotta shoot my shot, like I did with Issa a little bit ago," Palmer said. "I heard that Tyler Perry is doing Sister Act 3 and I just want you to know I’m available for the job. Any job. I mean, you ain't got to say nothing now, you know, I'll send you an email or something. Just let me know if you need me."

But Goldberg didn't need an email, she was ready with an answer for the actress. 

"I already brought it up," the host replied with a smile.

Now, someone just needs to get Kevin Feige on board!