Ken Jeong Hilariously Describes What Happens at Robin Thicke's 'Masked Singer' After-Parties (Exclusive)

“We’ve got to sing ‘Blurred Lines’ on a loop.”

After the masks come off, it’s time for the epic Masked Singer after-parties at panelist Robin Thicke’s house. The singer’s co-star, Ken Jeong, opened up to ET about the ragers that Thicke throws following the popular Fox competition show. 

"All the swag at Robin Thicke’s! It’s just a big velvet cake of him, just him and his noggin that we have to eat for some reason in front of him,” Jeong, 49, quipped while talking to ET’s Keltie Knight at the 2019 SAG Awards on Sunday. "We’ve got to sing ‘Blurred Lines’ on a loop. It’s more like ‘Blurred Loop.’ We do have to bow to his shrine right when we get in there.” 

It’s not all bad at a Thicke party. 

"That is the only good thing about a Robin Thicke party, just hanging out with his adorable kids,” Jeong said of Thicke’s children, 8-year-old Julian and 11-month-old Mia. "The bad thing is just carrying off all that Robin Thicke swag. It’s called Th-wag for some reason."

As for the upcoming unveilings on The Masked Singer, Jeong has some faux guesses on who will be the next stars revealed. 

"Oh, it’s Nancy Pelosi! Can you imagine? Chuck Schumer is The Lion,” he joked. "But next week’s episode from my memory it was one of my favorites… it’s really all about the editing and shout out to everyone on production on The Masked Singer. They did a great job.”

In fact, the show is done so well that Jeong hasn’t been able to guess right even when he’s personally known and worked with one of the stars. 

“I’m pretty much the resident village idiot, and I think I even missed last week’s episode where the contestant being unveiled was Margaret Cho,” he admitted. "She was The Poodle. She played my sister on Dr. Ken, and I had no freaking clue! That’s how dumb I am." 

For more from The Masked Singer, watch the clip below: