Kenny G Explains How Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Gift From Kanye West Came to Be

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at Versace fall 2019 show
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Kenny G is spilling all the details on how Kim Kardashian West's over-the-top Valentine's Day gift came to be!

Orchestrated by Kanye West, the legendary saxophonist showed up at the couple's California home on Thursday and played a few songs just for the reality star, as he was surrounded by hundreds of vases filled with individual roses.

"Really late [Wednesday] night I got a couple of emails, one from a publicist that knows Kanye’s manager. He told me that Kanye had requested me to come to the house and serenade Kim in the morning," Kenny recalled to Rolling Stone, adding that the email explained it was going to take place in a room surrounded with roses. "I thought, 'That actually sounds really beautiful.'"

"Then I got a text from [pop songwriter] David Foster, who told me he had heard about the request and told me I should definitely do it," he continued. "I didn’t get the message until, like, 11 o’clock at night. It just happened to work out, ‘cause I'm in town and I don't live very far from where they live. So it worked out really well."

Kenny said that when he arrived, the vases with roses in the living room were not quite all set up yet.

"It was raining in L.A., so I went early just to make sure I wasn’t late," he revealed. "They were putting all of this stuff together. I did not see the room completed until literally 20 seconds before I started playing."

"I don’t even have enough hands to count all the people that I met," he added. "Once I got to the house, I was just warming up in a room, and then Kanye came in. He could not have been nicer. He was so warm and accommodating. Just chit-chatting about music. It was super cool."

After the grand gesture, Kenny said he and Kanye briefly talked about collaborating someday.

"It was my first time meeting him. I said something like, 'This kind of sound would be really great with some of your music,'" Kenny revealed. "And he said, 'Yeah, maybe we can go to the studio and check it out.' So I thought that was cool."

"Afterwards, we went over to his studio and I got a chance to hear some of his music and talked again about, maybe there’s a possibility of a little sax on a Kanye West record," he added.

Kanye always goes above and beyond for Kim on Valentine's Day and her birthday, but this gift seemed to be his most extravagant one yet. Even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen weighed in on the romantic move that went viral, trolling the Wests via social media.

"Did Kenny have to stand there while the flowers were being set up? How did he get out? We need more info on Kenny!!!" she joked.

James Corden also got in on the fun, having Kenny G crash his Late Late Show on Thursday to serenade his special guests:

The love Kim and Kanye share seems to be getting stronger year after year. The power couple, who are already parents to North, Saint and Chicago, revealed earlier this year that they are expecting their fourth child together via surrogate.

"I was kind of stressing because my house is so full," Kim said during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "But I heard that parents of four are the most enlightened and calm of all parents."

Hear more in the video below.


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