Kevin Costner Ordered to Pay Estranged Wife Christine Baumgartner $129,000 in Monthly Child Support

A judge ordered the actor to pay just over half of what Baumgartner asked for in their divorce proceedings.

Kevin Costner is set to pay out a hefty sum to his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, amid their contentious divorce.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that the Yellowstone star will have to pay $129,000 per month in child support on a temporary basis, until an evidentiary hearing, which is set to take place in November.

While the sum is significant, it's only around half of what Baumgartner had been asking for in their divorce.

The temporary child support payments are subject to possible change depending on the November hearing, during which both parties will have a chance to present their arguments.

A source tells ET that Baumgartner "appeared in court today looking solemn, dressed in all black. She smiled on occasion, kept to herself, and spoke only when asked by her attorneys. She seemed happy when leaving the courtroom."

While Costner did not appear in court -- either in person or virtually -- his lawyers asked that, if the child support payments are lowered at the November hearing, Baumgartner be ordered to repay the difference from the payments she received during the interim.

According to recent court docs obtained by ET on Tuesday, both Costner and Baumgartner will each be responsible for covering 50 percent of health care expenses, as well as the cost of private school tuition and any extracurricular activities.

As reported earlier this year, Baumgartner was originally asking the court to award her $248,000 per month in child support.

According to court documents obtained by ET, Baumgartner, who shares three teenage children with the actor, provided a 2022 profit and loss statement for Costner's income for all sources in calendar year 2022 and claims Costner earned $19,517,064 in 2022.

In a declaration submitted by a certified public accountant hired by Baumgartner to perform a forensic analysis of Costner's "gross cash flow available for child support," the CPA concluded that Costner's average monthly cash flow is $1,536,808.

The CPA determined that the monthly guideline child support due from Costner to Baumgartner is $152,681. But that number should actually be $248,000 per month, the CPA said, when factoring in the children's monthly accustomed standard of living based on the living expenses and residence expenses reflected on Costner's 2022 financial statements.

"I realize that our lifestyle is extraordinary. I appreciate how very blessed we are to live this way. It’s important to not only to provide a warm and comfortable home for our children but to also teach them family values and gratitude," Baumgartner said in court documents. "I understand that guideline child support based on Kevin’s income in 2022 would be $152,681 per month. As set forth above, the amount needed to maintain the children’s current lifestyle is $332,264 per month, which is 60% of what our family spent."

As ET previously reported, Baumgartner, who filed for divorce in May, says she has been willing to move out of the family home (a point of contention brought forward by Costner in court documents) but that she "cannot do so without support from Kevin."

Costner first responded to Baumgartner's suggested $248,000 monthly sum with a counteroffer of $51,940 per month. In subsequent docs filed by Baumgartner, she denied his allegation that he's "doing the most [he] can reasonably do to make a divorce as seamless as possible for our children," and she called his offer of nearly $52,000 a month "completely inappropriate."

The judge's latest tentative ruling on Costner's mandated child support payments also includes a stipulation that Costner pay Baumgartner $200,000 for attorney's fees, as well as $100,000 for the forensic analyst's fees.

Costner filed a different petition, requesting Baumgartner to pay Costner $99,200 to cover his legal fees.

For more on their ongoing divorce, see the video below.