Kevin Costner's Former Tenant Denies Having Intimate Relationship With Actor's Estranged Wife Christine

The denial comes following a report claiming Costner confronted his former tenant.

Kevin Costner's former tenant is vehemently denying he ever had an intimate relationship with the Yellowstone star's estranged wife, Christine. 

Daniel Starr, a real estate developer, spoke to TMZ just days after The Sun reported that a furious Costner found out Christine had been regularly hanging out with Starr while the actor was away filming. According to the outlet, Costner also angrily confronted Daniel about it.

The Sun reported that Daniel, 42, eventually cut his 12-month lease short when he moved out of the former couple's beachfront guest house in nearby Santa Barbara, California, back in March. For his part, Daniel flat-out denies ever hooking up with Christine. When asked if Costner confronted him about the suspicion, Daniel played it coy and said, "I have nothing to say about that. I respect their privacy."

Daniel continually mentioned that Costner and Christine are going through a rough divorce and hoped things end peacefully between them. But when asked if he hooked up with Christine, Daniel straight-up said, "Absolutely not."

"He's a good guy and I have no problem with him whatsoever," Daniel told TMZ. When asked if they were friends, Daniel responded with, "I was just a tenant. I had a tenant-landlord relationship. Nothing else ... just a guy who paid my rent. Just a renter."

When asked why he bailed on his 12-month lease early, Daniel said, "Just rentals. You know how things go. Like I said, he's going through a divorce. I'm sure he's got enough problems."

Citing a source with knowledge of the situation, The Sun reported that after he moved into the guest house, Daniel became "close friends with Chris and Kevin." The outlet added that they'd hang out together with their kids" but Costner "was always away filming, so Chris must have been lonely."

The outlet went on to report that Christine would come into Daniel's house almost daily "but there was a fallout and Kevin got wind of it. There was a row between him and Daniel and things escalated from there."

Christine, who filed for divorce in May, recently filed new legal documents in court insisting she did not pressure Costner to leave Yellowstone. Christine, who shares so, Cayden, 13, son Hayes, 14, and daughter Grace, 13, with Costner, also claimed that she's "been willing to move out of the family home, but I cannot do so without support from Kevin." Her not moving out has been a point of contention brought forward by Costner.

She's asking for $248,000 per month in child support effective July 1. A hearing on the matter has been set for next month.