Khloe Kardashian Has True Thompson Answer a Few Questions in Adorable Mother-Daughter Moment

The reality star's 4-year-old daughter was quick to answer all her mom's inquiries.

True Thompson is going by a few different names these days. On Wednesday, her mom, Khloe Kardashian, posted to Instagram a video of her and True having a chat. 

"I love our little talks," Khloe captioned the clip. 

True first introduces herself as "Curly" while twirling her hair. "My name is Curly, Curly True," she says to the camera, before adding that she also goes by "Curly Blinky" and "Fish."

Khloe then introduces herself as "Mommy," and begins to ask her and Tristan Thompson's daughter some questions.

"How old are you, True?" Khloe asks. "Four," True quickly answers.

As for how old her mom is, True guesses that her 37-year-old mom is "31," and Khloe opts not to correct her.

True also reveals that her favorite animal is a "cat," which leads her mom to share that her daughter "doesn't like a dog."

The little one does surprise Khloe when she reveals that her favorite place to go is "Disneyland," while her mom thought it was Palm Springs, California. "Palm Springs and Disneyland," True clarifies.

When it comes to her favorite color, True adorably answers "rainbow," and "white for the clouds."

Khloe is also shocked when her daughter says "no" to liking gymnastics. "Should I stop taking you to gymnastics twice a week then?" she asks, to which True then says she does in fact like it. 

For the final question, True is asked to name her favorite day of the week, to which she responds, "Kylie."

Confused, Khloe responds, "Kylie? Your favorite day of the week is Auntie Kylie [Jenner]? Pretty soon Auntie Kylie might have her own day of the week."

True just celebrated her birthday last month and also went to Disneyland for the first time. For more on this mother-daughter duo, check out the links below.