Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Pregnancy Complications in New 'KUWTK': I 'Feel Sick Every Night'

The expectant mom opened up about some of the struggles she's been facing during her pregnancy journey on Sunday's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

Khloe Kardashian's high-profile pregnancy took center stage on Sunday's new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as the expectant mother dealt with frustrating tabloid leaks and pregnancy complications.

As the episode began, Khloe -- who is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson -- revealed to sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian that she wants to deliver her baby in Cleveland, Ohio, where Tristan lives and plays basketball for the Cavaliers, and that she plans on flying her own doctor out for the delivery.

Khloe also learned that news of her pregnancy was being reported by the press, and the 33-year-old reality star expressed her anger with how the media pries into the lives of celebrities, calling it "so frustrating."

However, snooping tabloid journalists and paparazzi seem to be the least of Khloe's problems. As she later explained to Kourtney and Kim, her doctor told her she's struggling with low levels of progesterone, a hormone that plays a vital role in maintain pregnancy and preventing a miscarriage.

Khloe was taking supplement pills to compensate for the low numbers, but they've begun to cause her real pain and wreak havoc on her body.

"Literally, I can’t walk," Khloe explained of the medicinal regimen's effect on her body. "I just feel sick every night. I feel gross."

Ultimately, taking the supplements paid off. When Khloe returned to her doctor, she was told that her progesterone levels had improved significantly due to her medication and she was no longer facing a significant risk of losing her baby.

In a solo interview with the KUWTK cameras, Khloe explained that it is because of the potential difficulties she's faced that she hasn’t wanted the media hounding her about being pregnant.

"This is one example of why you don’t announce early. There's a lot of complications. As soon as I get to my second trimester, I'll have such relief and that's what I'm waiting for," she shared.

Khloe went on to explain that despite the news of her pregnancy getting leaked, she decided not to officially confirm the news until she felt she was ready.

"I'm still waiting to be in a safe spot," Khloe explained. "That's my choice to do that. That's my decision. At least, I would think."

As we now know, she ended up confirming the news on Dec. 20.

For more on Khloe's pregnancy journey, check out the video below.



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