Khloe Kardashian Reveals What Surprises Her Most About Motherhood

In a new post on her official app on Tuesday, Khloe Kardashian wrote about a common woe of motherhood -- dealing with fatigue.

Khloe Kardashian is finding out what it means to be a mother firsthand.

In a new post on her app on Tuesday, the 33-year-old reality star wrote about a common woe of motherhood -- dealing with fatigue.

"I think what surprises me most is no matter how tired you are, you find this energy and patience for your child," Khloe notes about being a mother to her newborn daughter, True. "You know that babies are so helpless and they rely on you for everything. So something just takes over and you find the energy to care for this helpless precious baby."

And of course, aside from taking care of True, the 33-year-old reality star is still finding the time and energy to work out. The new mom hit the gym on Monday and got candid about getting back into the habit of exercising in a series of Snapchat videos.

"The beginning parts of working out kind of suck because you're pushing your body so hard," Khloe acknowledged. You're so tired, and you're trying to get back into your rhythm and it's much more difficult than you expect it to be."

"I've been working out for 11 days now, I feel really good, but tired," she added. "My body's sore, it's re-waking itself back up."

Earlier this month, ET spoke to Khloe's mother, Kris Jenner, at the Met Gala, when she gushed about her daughter being a wonderful mother. Watch below: