Kim Kardashian Lashes Out at Kourtney in 'Fake Humanitarian' Feud

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It may be a new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but Kim and Kourtney Kardashian still seem to be at each other’s throats. After several recent rifts, including when Kim called her eldest sister the “least exciting” member of the family to look at, a new disagreement over a stylist clothing choices has left the two sisters in yet another sparing match. 

“Kim and I just got into the biggest fight. She was just going so crazy, she’s sending me the meanest text messages,” Kourtney says in a new KUWTK sneak peek clip. “She’s like, ‘You’re the biggest ungrateful b***h. And I’m like, ‘God, you’re such a petty woman.’ And she’s like, ‘Is that a joke? I had to intervene when your stylist pulled the nastiest clothes for you for your birthday party.’”

The clip then cuts to Kim talking about the spat with momager, Kris Jenner, who seems shocked. 

“Basically I got into the biggest fight with Kourtney today because she is such a b***h, like, on another level. So I called Kourtney and Kourtney like screamed at me on the phone, and was like, ‘You think I like your style? You have the lamest style!’”

Kourtney then talks to Khloe about the ordeal, noting, “I said, ‘You’re going to school to become a lawyer and help the world and these are the kind of problems you have?’ And she’s like, ‘You’re really a miserable human being and you keep not understanding the issue because you all of the sudden turn into such a humanitarian and talk about the world’s issues, which you’ve not contributed one ounce to the world.’”

It then cuts to Kim, who slams Kourtney.

"You f**king fake humanitarian hoe," she says. "I actually do s**t for the world and you f**king fake it all day long and act like, ‘Oh there’s people dying, Kim!’ And what the f**k are you doing about it? So shut the f**k up.”

It seems that the origin of the pair’s fight is Kim’s belief that Kourtney has been copying her style. In another recent sneak peek clip, the two sisters have at it while Kourtney is picking out looks. 

“I don’t think Kourtney really understands the leg work that goes behind this. I don’t think anybody understands,” Kim says in the clip. “You have to really have a relationship with that designer. I’ve spent months and months flying to Miami to see what his vision is, so for her to jump in. I just was like, ‘Oh come on.’ She has no idea how this works.” 

Kourtney fights back noting that she has a right to work with the same designers as Kim. 

“It’s so ridiculous that we’re even having a conversation like this because Kim and I have completely different styles so even if we wear the same designer, we wear it in a completely different way,” she says. 

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